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August 2004
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John practices cake cutting for the big birthday eve party
An Invitation to all our friends
 JOHN'S 60th
Friday Aug 27, 2004
7. 30 pm at
Warung Sobat
Rp 40,000 pp + drinks
Booking Essential
+61 361 73 4901
Birthday Hype
KHO Bali: The Kerobokan Home Office is buzzing with activity preparing for the Gala Celebrations for John's 60th birthday. Already many people have booked to fly-in for the celebration. Most flights are already fully booked out.
Pak Made from Warung Sobat has announced that seats for the Birthday Eve Dinner limited.  Party Organizer Jamal says, "You must book through the KHO, no bribes or corruption will be accepted."
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 2 
Birthday News
Nothing to chance
A full rehearsal was held early  last month for the Big Birthday Party at Warung Sobat, using a cake identical to the one that will be used at midnight on August 27. Everything went perfectly except John is now 
taking daily blowing lessons at the Bali Body Irrigation Works.
Another Bloody Party
Birthday Party Organizer Jamal has been flat out ordering  a special 60th birthday vintage of Hatten Wine, rice from Thailand and 4 elephants for 
Ever suffering Jamal
the afternoon Street Parade to be presented by the Balinese villages. 
Jakarta Entertainer
Famed Jakarta Singer/Guitarist Oney will fly-in and perform at the Gala 60th Birthday Eve Party.
Australian Raconteur
Mr Ian Davey, well know Melbourne millionaire Raconteur, Film reviewer and Gentleman, who
has been John's friend for over 42 years, has agreed to come to Bali and attend John's 60th birthday party and present the speech John is currently writing about himself.  Jamal is currently trying to find a violinist to accompany Mr Davey.
Fly Bali - KL for A$39
To celebrate John's birthday Air Asia is offering a one-way ticket 
from Bali to KL for only A$39 or just over US$27 on their new service out of Bali starting Aug 5  conditions apply
Immigration comes to the the Party
To honour John's 60th Birthday the Bali Airport Immigration Office has announced that they will not increase the pay-on-arrival fee from US$25. ......Thanks chaps
Purnama Closed
Melody owner of Purnama restaurant claims the demolishing her establishment is nothing to do with John's 60th birthday.
KHO News
Monsieur Albert of Paris, was guest of honour at a welcome dinner at the KHO Sat Jul 10.
Nancy arrived home safety from Bali. She wishes to thank everyone for making her stay so enjoyable.
Dede, Jamal's grand nephew, from Bandung has come to hllp at the KHO. He does the washing, ironing, chores 
about the house and cooks breakfast every morning. He will return home Sept. 2.
Bathroom Update
The KHO main bathroom features an automated lighting and sound system. On closing the door the lights, fans and sound system are activated. It features a computer generated voice welcoming you to the bathroom. Also music is fed to the ceiling speaker. The problem has been that the voice has been mixed with the music, making it difficult to hear. 
We have now built a timed relay switch which switches between the voice announcement & music. 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 3 
Schematic diagram
Delay circuit diagram
On closing the door, a switch closes, relay (A) pulls in, in after few milliseconds the input voltage is fed to the transistor input (B) turning the transistor on and pulling in relay (C) switching the speaker to the voice . Capacitor (D) charges up with the input voltage. The relay (A) is now open however the capacitor holds the 
transistor in the on position. Slowly the capacitor discharges through the fixed and variable resistor (E). When the charge is depleted (around 20 secs) the transistor turns off, in turn turning off the relay (C) switching the speaker from the voice to the music. 
Lounge Speakers
In order save space and not have unsightly speakers on the lounge room wall, we mounted the outside on the above-window air vents.
Mounted speakers
From inside
New Dining Room Lights
We have now installed 2 florescent lights in the pelmet on the west & north walls of the dining room. Originally there was 1 florescent light in each, which was not bright enough. The reflective lights are for very dull days during rainy season, which doesn't arrive for another 4 months, but we are ready.
Dining Room Illumination
Jeep Repairs
John, Pak Made, door & Oney
The KHO jeep now has a fully renovated drivers door. It had rusted through and was in a terrible state. While John was in Australia Pak Made and Jamal took it to the panel beater for repair.
Ines gets Rabbits
In her quest to build the Bali Zoo, Ines has now acquired a breeding pair of rabbits. She has already constructed a hutch with a snake proof fence at huge expense. This adds to her collection of 6 dogs and her 3 feline pets, Hamzar, Dede and Andi.
Ines happy, the rabbit not sure
Sobat Dog Ban
Following the Indonesian Health Department regulations, Warung Sobat has now 
banned dogs from the restaurant. We interviewed owner Pak Made, who said he regrets having to enforce the ban and it will make a minority of customers unhappy, however the majority of customers are pleased with the regulation. Note Ines: No rabbits either, that is unless you want to eat them.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 4 
Local Bottle Shops
The selection of wines has much improved in our area over the last couple of years. Many new outlets have opened. Most prices are more than you will pay at home, but there are often specials, so it is worth looking around.
BEST WINE SHOP - Long established in the main road, they moved last year around the corner, just before the jail.
Indowines Wine House - has a good selection of imported wines, just over the road from Warisan. 
The Bali Deli - Turn into "The Villas" street, near the far end, or enter from the Sunshine Road. Good selection of Quality wines.
The Living Room Restaurant - has the Baccus bottle shop at the back - a bit pricey.
Bintang Supermarket - has a wine section offering local, imported wines and spirits.  Look out for spirit specials.
The New Arum - previously Alas Arum Supermarket which closed a year ago, has re-opened with a reasonably large wine and spirit shop.
The are 3 wine makers in Bali, the largest being Hatten Wines who produce a Rosé, AGA red, AGA white, Alexandria white and Jepun, a sparkling Rosé. The other two are Wine of the Gods and Indigo.
There are various ways of getting to Lombok by sea and air.
Cessna Caravan Amphibious
The most expensive option is to a charter Cessna amphibious aircraft, Denpasar to the Lombok Oberoi. Cruise speed 350km/h Cost US$1,600/A$2,240 return for 8 passengers. The 2nd most expensive is the Bounty Cruiser, (shown top) it departs from Benoa 
Harbour, daily at 0900 for Gili Meno. It departs for Bali at 1400. Cruises at 45km/h & takes about  3hrs. Cost US$40/A$56 One Way.
Merpati CASA CN235
The next is to fly the regular Merpati airline service, departing hourly (in high season) from Denpasar to Mataram airport, Lombok . Cost US$30/A$42 OW. The CASA 235 aircraft is built in Indonesia under licence from CASA Spain. it cruises at 455km/h is non-presurised and seats 42 PAX.
The most romantic way is to take the local ferry from Padangbai, to Lembar, Lombok. Cruises at 15km/h Cost US$1.63/A$2.34 OW
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 5 
Mosquitos and Bali
The Mosquito bears Malaria, Dengue Fever and many other diseases and is the worlds largest killer, with over 3,000 deaths per day. The Kuta area in Bali is said to be Malaria free.
The mosquito lays its eggs in water, they hatch and become "rigglers" that later metaphorisize into lave and on to an adult. When a female mosquito bites an infected person, it ingests microscopic malaria parasites found in the person's blood. The parasites then travel to 
the person's liver, enter the livers cells. Once inside the red blood cells, the parasites grow and multiply. The red blood cells burst, freeing the parasites to attack other red blood cells. Toxins from the parasite also are released into the blood, making the person feel sick. World wide mosquitos have become 80% immune to most drugs. 
The old fashioned mosquito net is your best protection. Many people
burn a mosquito coil, in the bed room at night, these can be poisonous if the room is not well 
ventilated. If you have an enclosed, air conditioned room, spray room 4 hrs before retiring.
Plant basil outside your windows and around doorways, this will keep mosquitos away. 
Remove breeding areas. Pour a tablespoon of kerosene in non-fish ponds around your house. Make a fish pond, fish eat the lave.
Umah Watu Villa
Australian Peter Finlason has opened his luxury guest house villa in Seminyak. Peter is a part time actor and wine grower.
The Villa is located in an excellent location, close to Petitenget beach, Jl Oberoi restaurants and
Looking across the pool
The infinate pool
Jl Dyna Pura, the new night life centre of Bali. There are 2 identical villas separated by an infinite swimming pool. Each villa has 2 
large air-con color theme bedrooms with en-suite bathroom.
Also there is an upstairs suite, with a polished wooden floor and a balcony with paddy field views.
Umah Watu is an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel. Guest house suites are available from only US$60 p/n.
Check-out Peter's website.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 6 
Bas Wie's great escape
On 7 August 1946, Bas Wie from the island of Savu off Kupang, Indonesia, arrived in Darwin as a stowaway in the wheel nacelle of a Dutch Army Dakota DC3 aircraft. 12-year-old Bas Wie, without considering the risk, spent 3 hours on the flight across the Timor Sea at 9000 ft and, even when the wheels were lowered for the plane to land at Darwin Airport, the unconscious Bas hung on to the aircraft. Lieutenant Jan Sjouw of the Dutch Air Force was the pilot. He went aboard with his crew, started the engines and taxied out along the tarmac. Bas was crouched among the struts at the top of the nacelle. He felt the blast of air from the propellers and the heat from the engine's exhaust pipe only inches 
from his back as the plane took off for Darwin. We can only assume that Bas squeezed himself into the smallest area available to escape the revolving wheel which came up to him spinning at about 80 km/h and cut into his shoulder blade exposing the bone and resulting scars that he still carries. Unable to move, it is assumed that Bas lost consciousness until he was found 
by Sergeant Van Droorgt who went to lock the undercarriage. Bas was covered in bruises and burns and was suffering from shock.  By this time, Bas had regained consciousness and told the Dutchmen that he was from Koepang. He refused to tell them anything else. Bas was in Darwin Hospital for 3 months. At that stage, Bas felt safe enough to disclose his name and that he had run away. 
The wheel housing
His parents had passed away and, as an orphan, he had made friends with the Australian soldiers following the Japanese occupation. His association with the Australians had inspired him to migrate for the promise of a better future When Bas left hospital, he moved into Government House with Mick and Mardi Driver and he remained there for 5 years. Initially, he was looked after by Mrs Driver Snr who 
839 kilometre route
assisted with his recovery and his early training. Mick Driver soon enrolled Bas into St Mary's Primary School and he quickly learnt how to ride a bike and play football and cricket. Bas also attended Mass regularly and became an altar boy. Bas received impeccable social training at Government House. He assisted with receptions and became a model young citizen. Thanks to the Administrator and his wife, Bas was now ready for the outside world. In 1951, he was formally adopted by a local carpenter, Norm Ballard and his wife Bertha. Bas commenced work at  Izod Motors  as a greaser, general hand and spare parts clerk, and he had other jobs such as a spray painter at the RAAF. Later, he moved on to the Commonwealth Dept. of Works and Housing where he stayed for 40 years before he retired in 1991.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
From Baird to Bali - The Early Days
Page 7 
 If you missed last episode
Episode 4
The competition in live variety programs between Channel 9 and HSV-7 was intense. Sir Frank Packer had recently bought GTV-9, which was rating well with it's complete radio and Tv "Television City" product, headed by Graham Kennedy and side kick Bert Newton. In Melbourne Tonight rated so highly it was very much envied by the Herald-Sun organization. Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton were at the height of their careers, not only appearing every night on IMT they did a 3 hr morning program on sister radio station 3AK. HSV-7 were desperate something had to be done to topple Channel 9's lead.
Graham & Bert at 3AK
The only top rating variety program 7 had was Sunny Side Up, which went to air friday nights at 7.30. For many Melbourne households Friday night was fish 
and chip night. With work over for the week, dad would usually have a few beers with his working mates at the pub. In those days the Melbourne Pubs closed at 6 pm. 
The Local Pub
One could order as many beers as you liked before that time, then you had 15 minutes to finish them. 
After closing time he would head off to the nearby Fish & Chip shop for some, Fish and Chips, all fried in lard (animal fat), smothered in salt and vinegar wrapped up in newspaper. He would arrive home just after 7, mum would put the Fish and Chips in the oven, then she and the kids would enjoy some Tarax lemonade dad had bought home. Dad of course would have a beer. Mum might even have a dash of beer in her lemonade (a Shandy). At 7.30 the Fish and Chips would be served in front of the Tv as the whole family sat down to enjoy Sunny Side Up.
Getting ready for the show
The biggest studio Channel 7 had was far smaller than Studio 1 at Channel 9, there was no dedicated audience area, it was just too small for live variety. 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
From Baird to Bali - The Early Days
Page 8 
Things were not all that happy at Channel 9 after the new management took over. One Norman Spencer, who had became a household name as the director of In Melbourne Tonight and the television father of Graham 
Kennedy was not happy with the new regime at 9, so he resigned and moved to channel 7. He was put in charge of bringing 7's ratings up and toppling Kennedy.
Norman Spencer
It was decided that a new studio could be built at minimum cost, styled after the Ed Sullivan theatre in New York,  basically a converted cinema. In Melbourne due to the impact of Tv many Cinema's had
The Ed Sullivan Theatre NYC still going strong with the "Late Show" with David Letterman.
closed and were sitting idle. Channel 7 was able to take over the disbanded Hoyts Theatre Fitzroy, a couple of kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. The whole construction job was done in a few months. A lighting grid was assembled across what was the upstairs seating area. A floor was fully cemented from the audience area to what was the old stage. Two huge cycloramas (Cyc's) were installed. The studio floor area was huge. The studio was connected to the Dorcas St. studios by 2 microwave links, one up and one down. The Audio was send and received by high quality telephone lines from the Postmaster Generals Dept, (PMG) The studio was equipped with 3 brand new black and white Marconi MkIV cameras.
The Marconi MkIV camera 
Camera 1 & 3 were either side of the Camera Bay, whilst Camera 2 was mounted on a crane which 
could elevate to 8 feet. The cameras had 4 lenses, from very wide angle to telescopic. The exposure of each lens, contrast and brilliance was controlled remotely from the control room by the Camera Control Unit (CCU) operator. The cameras were so unstable they had to be completely lined up before every transmission. The vision 
mixer was supplied by RCA USA and was capable of key effects. 
A Key effect
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
From Baird to Bali - The Early Days
Page 9 
The Teletheater had many technical innovations and also many problems. The audio mixer was built in Australia under contract by AWA. The faders or individual volume controls were made using a stepping resistive system, rather than a geared potentiometer.
The end result was the sound would fade up in steps rather than smoothly like a conventional potentiometer, also they were susceptible to dust, often making loud crackling sounds while we were on-air.
Harold & Teletheater mixer
The Opening Night
The opening of the teletheater was the spectacular to end all spectaculars. Norman Spencer had imported from the USA, Bob Crosby, to host the show, Co- starring was British comedian Jimmy Edwards. The show featured many local stars of the time, a brass band and circus elephants.
Not Ready
On opening night the Teletheater was far from completion. Most of the new equipment had not turned up and the broadcast was really an OB (Outside Broadcast), Equipment was pirated from all over the place. The OB van was parked out the front of the theatre to relay the pictures back to Dorcas St. The lighting console was the only new equipment working. The audio mixer had not turned up from AWA. So various portable 4 channel mixers, sourced from Dorcas St and sister radio station 3DB, were strung together on some card tables and operated by Colin Stevenson, assisted by audio boss Ian McLeod. The previous day it was realized the station didn't posses enough microphones to cover the spectacular.
Ralph Clarkson phoned old mate and Neuman microphone importer Wolf Grey who turned over his entire stock mics, saving the day.
The tension in the teletheater before the show was incredible. Equipment was breaking down due to the heat of the lights from the un-airconditioned theatre. 
Ralph & Colin catch up in 2002
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
From Baird to Bali - The Early Days
Page 10 
Against all adversity Norman Spencer got the show on air. He was so tense he threw up in the rubbish bin 5 mins before airtime.
Bob Crosby
Star of the show was Bob Crosby, who was famous for his band "The Bob Cats" - he was the brother Bing Crosby.
Bob Crosby with brother Bing
Bob Crosby was born as George Robert Crosby, 25 Aug. 1913, Spokane, Washington, USA. For most of his early career, Crosby was inevitably overshadowed by his older brother, Bing Crosby. Nevertheless, he achieved modest success thanks to a pleasant voice 
and a matching personality. He joined the Tommy Dorsey band. In 1935 a new group formed and needed a front man, they approached Bob, the band was to
become Bob Crosby and the Bobcats. They folded in 1942
but Crosby continued to make films and personal appearances, sometimes as leader of reconstituted dixieland-style bands, sometimes more contemporary sounding. Crosby died in1993 at age 80.
Jimmy Edwards
Jimmy Edwards was one of British comedy’s biggest stars in the post-war era. A former distinguished RAF pilot, he first appeared at Soho’s 
infamous  Windmill Theatre , soon finding stardom, first with his "trombonolgy" act, then onto radio and television. Along with the Goons, Frank Muir and Denis Norden, the writing partnership, they would reinvigorate British 
comedy. Appearing on hit radio  shows such as "Take It From Here" as Pa Glum and starring in televisions "Whack-O!" as the cane-happy headmaster of a minor public school, "Professor" Jim Edwards’ popular persona was largely a reflection of the private man. Jimmy was a keen polo 
player, on one occasion, during one match when the Duke of Edinburgh was playing on the opposite side and after having just been ridden
off the ball by the Queen’s husband, he is reported to have yelled out: "Stay close to me, Sir, and you’ll get your face in the newspapers!" Later he starred in Lionel Bart’s hit musical, based on Oliver Twist. In his later days he lived between Perth Australia and England. Jimmy Edwards died in 1988. He had travelled the world and entertained millions.
Raymond Burr
In the early days of the Teletheater Raymond Burr appeared on a special show. He may be best 
remembered for his part in "Perry Mason" in the 1950s and 60s. Burr began his career typecast as a motion picture
villain in such films as Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window". As intensely private as he was talented, Raymond Burr was an often anonymous philanthropist and foster parent. Born Raymond William Stacey Burr May 21st, 1917 in British Columbia. Burr was with a Toronto based repertory theatre, which teamed during its summer season with players from a British touring company. Among the company's players was a young Scottish actress, Annette Southerland, with whom Burr eloped in England. The couple lived in England and France, Burr became a popular nightclub singer in Paris, in 1942 they had a son Michael Evan Burr. Burr and his family returned to America ahead of the worst of WW II. Burr eventually scored a hit in the 1943 show "Duke In Darkness".  On the eve of Burr's professional triumph personal tragedy struck: 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
From Baird to Bali - The Early Days
Page 11 
Annette Sutherland, with other British actors supporting the troops and the war effort, traveled to her native Great Britain on a public relations junket. On June 1st, 1943, the plane carrying Ms. Sutherland, actor Leslie Howard and others from London to Lisbon was shot down  by German forces. All on board were killed. In 1952 Burr mysteriously trimmed down his appearances in film and stage productions, taking only four roles that year. It was later revealed that Burr's son, Michael, whom he had carefully protected from the press, had been battling leukaemia. Michael Burr lost his fight before his eleventh birthday. Several years
Burr with long time friend Barbara Hale who played Della Street in Perry Mason
later, Burr lost his third wife, Adrina Morgan, to cancer. Before dying of cancer in 1993 Burr gave away most of his fortune to his foster children, friends & charities. 
I bump into Mr Burr
While Raymond Burr was in Melbourne he appeared at the Teletheater.  my job was a gofa or do anything the head audio person needed. At the Teletheater there was a very rickety scaffold leading from the upstairs dressing room to the back stage area, so performers could appear from behind the curtains and not walk through the audience before their appearance.
The position of the walkway
We were on-air when I was sent down to back stage to fix a microphone. Being a keen young lad of 17, I ran up the stairs to makeup and out along the rickety scaffold walkway. As I ran I kept 
my head down as there were gaps in the planks. Suddenly, thump, I hit my head and bounced back laying flat on my back, I looked up, I couldn't believe my eyes, I had run into Raymond Burr's  not inconsiderable stomach. He helped me up and I ran on.
I bump into the Queen
Well almost!
HRH Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke arrive in Canberra 1963
The 1963 Royal Tour was Queen Elizabeth's second tour of Australia after her coronation. She visited most states arriving in Melbourne on the Royal yacht Britannia. The next day She visited the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital. We were televising the event. A camera was 
set up in one of the wards to show the Queen visiting the child patients. Now 18, I was again working as an audio assistant runner. The security was heavy, even for those times.  We were all issued with very important looking "P" passes. Just before the broadcast, I was in the OB van, the Queen had already arrived and was attending a reception in some other part of the hospital. Suddenly the audio operator realized a microphone was not working in the to-be-televised ward. I was sent up to fix it.  I ran up the fire stairs and out into the passage to the ward. There 5 meters in front of me was the Queen and entourage. I screeched to a halt and stood hands behind my back with my back to the wall, terrified, as Her Majesty walked by.
To be continued......
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