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December 2004
John, Jamal and all at the KHO, would like to wish you, our loyal readers, the very happiest Christmas for you and your family
We have just one wish, may there be Peace on Earth.
Nov 14-15 The entire Muslim world comes to a halt for the Celebration of the year, Idul Fitri, the major holiday that follows the fasting month of Ramadan. It is traditional for family members to return home and celebrate the holiday with a feast and gifts. Not unlike the western celebration for Christmas.
Crowds at Airport
People put on their Sunday best and beg each other's forgiveness for wrongs done during the past year. 
"Mohon maaf lahir bathin" 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 2 
Jamal Flies Home
Mon Nov 8: Jamal travelled home to Bandung for the Idul Fitri holiday. Jamal departed at 1115 for Jakarta with new discount airline Lion Air and then to Bandung by 2½ hr train from Jakarta. Lion Air don't fly direct to Bandung. They are waiting for a runway upgrade. 
The Lion Air discount ticket was only A$12.30 extra compared to the 26 hour bus. The flight takes 1h 20m. Jamal returned to Bali on Nov. 20 again with Lion.
Jamal checks the departure board at DPS 
Orphan Party
Sun Nov 14: Idul Fitri Day we held a special Idul Fitri dinner at Warung Sobat for our Muslim friends who couldn't return home.
Dede, Andi and Andi
Wed. Nov. 24 Four suspects were arrested for the bombing outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. The country's most wanted fugitive, Azahari bin Husin, had again slipped through their fingers. He had escaped arrest 3 times after the embassy attack. Police officers had stopped Azahari near Kuningan, where the Australian Embassy is located, for a traffic violation but failed to recognize him and let him go after he gave the officers some money. Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer hailed the arrests, saying 
Indonesian police "have been vigorous in tracking down and trying to bring to justice those responsible".
Tue Nov 2, a small crowd gathered at the KHO to watch the 2004 Melbourne Cup horse race, direct via KHO satellite from Australia.
Direct via KHO satellite
In keeping with the picnic style race, the KHO kitchen served
chilled chicken and lettuce sandwiches. Due to the absence of champagne, warm French Alexis white wine was served with gourmet ice blocks.
Sponsor of the A$4.6M Melbourne Cup was Dubai Emirates Airlines.
KHO Guest Mhd Alkaffi who almost flew once with Emirates
The second time winner was Maybe Diva, owned by a well known, Australian tuna fisherman and mounted by one of Dr Geoff's few surviving ex-patients, jockey Mr Glen Boss. 
Rp 200,000 Sweepstakes
To add to the enjoyment the KHO ran a Rp 200,000 sweepstakes.
The winner of the Grand Rp 200,000 prize was Pak Andi, who plans to invest the prize for his future.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 3 
From Nancy
John's mum Nancy would like to wish everyone Happy Christmas and a Safe and prosperous New Year.
The evening of Nov 8 bought the first big thunderstorm of the season to Bali. A sign that rainy season is on the way. From Nov. 20 we have had rain most days.
Dede at KHO
Nov. 6: Jamal's grand nephew Dede arrived at the KHO for a another stint to look after the house whilst Jamal is in Bandung and John is in Australia.
Ines' Prize Lobster
In preparation of partner Andi's 28th birthday, Ines went fishing at Canggu and caught this huge crustacean. She plans to put it in the blender and make lobster paté.
That Sheila in Town
Les Andi Sheila & Ines at Sobat
Perennial visitor Sheila arrived in town from Vancouver, Canada via Hong Kong, during the month, with her friend Les, a taxation accountant from California, USA. This is Les' first visit to Bali, he says "it's better here than in the Bush" 
Melb. Fri Nov 5 Denny took delivery of his new Mazda 3. Denny is so wrapped, when asked how it performs, he said "It drives like the brochure"  Patient Denny waited
weeks for the car's delivery from Japan, with further delays due to the recent typhoons in Japan.
The all new Mazda 3 is a replacement of the old Mazda 323 first released in 1977. It features, new styling, new engine, 4 wheels and big airbags. 
Denny's New Grill
At first we thought Denny had bought a new stylized grill for his new car, no, it was for the kitchen.
HealthSmart Grill TG400
New Subscribers
Annie Gregg of Canberra, Australia is our latest new subscriber. She signed whilst visiting Bali with her daughter Tate.
Annie runs a promotions company in Canberra,  Presentations Plus.
We also welcome this month Robert, Frouke & Crista - Holland, Kevin & Julie Warrington - Australia and Les - USA. We hope you enjoy.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 4 
Mid November we travelled down to Padangbai to spend the night. Padangbai is 55 km away & takes about 1½ hours by car.
Ironically, I would have passed through Padangbai 50 or more times over the last 23 years as it is the port where the car ferry leaves for Lombok.
Foreshore road
Padangbai is a sleepy little fishing village and reminiscent of Bali a long time ago. There are a dozen 
places to stay priced form A$6-$12 per night including breakfast. We stayed at Kerti Beach Inn roughly in the centre of the 300 meter foreshore. 
Geoff at Kerti Netcafé 
In Padangbai there are many small restaurants on the beach selling very fresh seafood as well as a couple of upmarket restaurants.
Performance for Gede's birthday
The afternoon we arrived the son of the owner of Kerti Bungalows was having his 8th birthday party.
Birthday Boy - Gede (Right)
Our $6 room at Kerti
John having morning coffee
Dede tries to sight Lombok
We thoroughly enjoyed Padangbai and will return soon.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 5 
Ian explains to the audience how the 16 mm film system works
Ian laments the end of 16 mm
Every month for 22 years, Ian Davey has run a film night at his South Yarra home. Ian has now sold his house "Langham" and will soon move. Sun Nov 7 was the final film night at Cinema Langham.
Ian noted "I had completely forgotten, the first film for Cinema Langham was "The Greek Tycoon". What an extraordinary coincidence......
the last one was the same film!!!!!!!! No one more surprised than myself. There were 28 in attendance for that session." It was a very successful conclusion to an era of film programmes at Walsh Street. 16 mm films to start the era changing with modern technologies to DVD & video projection 2 years ago and ending 
with 16 mm for nostalgia on the last night with the film that opened the whole thing 22 years ago
Ken makes a speech to thank Ian for all the wonderful times and entertainment from over 350 films, that he has put on for friends at Cinema Langham over the last 22 years.
Ian, Patricia & Alexander
The ever slaving Stanley did all the special finger food. We changed from  the standard dry white to champagne as part of the  special festivities.
This may be the end of an era, but will be the start of something bigger. Currently Ian is looking for a new home, the pre-requisite is that he will be able to build a dedicated cinemaette complete with opening and closing screen curtains and a complete Dolby Soundette system. 
Ian's Bauer Projectors
Ian is one of the last in the world to show 16 mm films. Virtually impossible to rent anymore.
Ian has a huge personal collection of famous movies. His two prized well maintained German made 16 mm Bauer projectors are collector items.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 6 
Thu Nov 11: A crowd gathered at Sobat to Celebrate Andi's birthday. Pak Made excelled himself with a fantastic 4 course Balinese feast with real sea lobster, thanks to Ines.
Birthday boy Andi with Ines
Cake time
Patrik and Alet
 Serge, Ansi and Mia
Wiwin and Robert
Yvonne and Gurda
Nell and John
Wilhelm and Geoff
Norman and Dede
Rini and Agus
John, Wendy and Clive
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 7 
6 Years of the KHO
BALI Nov. 17: We celebrated the 6th anniversary of moving into the KHO Villa on Jl Petitenget, Kuta Bali.
Bali Street Dogs
Bali, with all its natural beauty and uniqueness has drawn tourists from all over the world. However, amidst this beauty 
we see many street dogs everywhere.  They are mangy, starving and sometimes dangerous. They are left to fend for themselves and roam freely on the streets and beaches, around restaurants and in tourist areas.  Their large numbers and extremely bad living conditions create an unsafe and unpleasant environment for everyone. 
In 1999 Sydney women Paula Hodgson and Natasha Burton started the non-profit Bali Street Dog Fund. The fund's vision is for mass sterilization to reduce the 
number of puppies born on the streets where few have a chance of survival hoping to make a difference by channelling money towards medicines and food for the  animals. Volunteer vets treat skin ailments, broken bones, worming and vaccination against the deadly parvovirus and distemper.
Mangy street dog
Mobile Clinic
If you would like to make a donation please email.
KHO Recipe Book
Due to immense demand the KHO News, now present the KHO RECIPE BOOK. The book features a collection of recipes previously published in the KHO News and some others, never before published. The KHO Recipe Book is available as a FREE BONUS download to all our subscribers. So folks you can now print it out and stick it up yourself - on the wall.
Check out our new Recipe Book
Also Now On-line
From Baird to Bali - John's Tv days Memoir
The complete story is now on-line.
A dish at equally at home in Asia or Europe 
1 kg of steak 2 Brown Onions 
6 cloves of Garlic 6 Tomatoes
3 Beef cubes Tbl sp Basil
Salt & pepper Tbl sp Olive Oil
Coconut milk Tbl sp Flour
1 small can of champignons
Slice onion, crush garlic. Cut tomatoes into small pieces remove skin. Cube beef,  remove fat and toss in flour. Fry the onions & garlic until clear. Fry the meat until brown. Drain oil back into pan and add 3 beef stock cubes, 1 Tbl spoon of flour and dried basil, add more oil if needed. Stir and slowly add water, stir until it thickens into a sauce. Place all in cooking pot, cook on very low heat for 2-3 hrs. Just before serving stir in coconut milk. Sprinkle parsley on top, serve on rice or your favourite pasta, with a green salad.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 8 
Indonesia, under an arms embargo by the United States, plans to buy more Russian fighter jets and is looking to East European nations for alternative weapons procurement, a senior official said. Before the embargo, about 70 percent of Indonesia's military weaponry had been imported from the United States, with the air force especially reliant on U.S. equipment, Director-General of Strategy and Defence Sudrajat said. "In future we will add more Russian made Sukho27 & 30's.
The Su-27 made its formal introduction to the West at the 1989 Paris Air Show, when Viktor Pugachev ran the aircraft through the famous "Cobra" manoeuvre,
lifting the fighter to an angle of attack of over 90deg. to its line of flight, causing abrupt deceleration until it nosed back down. Few aviation experts believe that the Cobra manoeuvre has much combat utility, but it is undeniably a spectacular airshow trick.
SUKHOI Su-27SK Specs.
Engine: 2 Lyulka 27,557 lb thrust.
Wing:14.7 m L: 21.94 m H: 5.93 m
Weight: 16,000 kg Empty
Max takeoff weight 60,000 lbs
Climb rate 900 ft/sec
Max Ceiling: 59,055 ft
Flight endurance: 2,287 miles
Cruise:1,350 km/h Max: 2,500km/h
Price US$25-30 Million
Lion Air to lease Halim Airport
JAKARTA (AP): Indonesia's top budget airline Lion Air said Saturday that it has leased the little-used old international airport in Jakarta as part of a bold plan to expand its fleet. 
Lion Air MD 82 (DC-9-82)
The airport is primarily used by top government officials and the air force. The decision came after efforts to build a terminal at the country's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport fell through. The company will lease the airport for 25 years and begin service there in early 2006. Until then, it will use Soekarno-Hatta international airport. The company announced last month it was purchasing 25 new planes, which will make a total of 50. Later this year Lion Air, the countries 3rd biggest, also plans to add several international destinations including Australia.
Bandung: Half of the 12 members of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21 have expressed their commitment to go ahead with the development of a regional passenger jet, based on the Indonesian developed N-2130.
The N-2130 aircraft was developed by Indonesia's IPTN aircraft company. A prototype was built but never flew after the project was cancelled by the Soeharto government on the insistence of the International Monetary Fund, during the Asian Financial Crisis.
The aircraft was designed by a 100 young Indonesian engineers under BJ Habibi, later to become Indonesia's 3rd president.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 9 
JOHN'S MEMOIR Continues....
Throughout the early 60's HSV 7  broadcast the Miss Australian Ball, beauty quest. At that time I was
still a Junior Audio Engineer and each year Alf Potter, the director of the outside broadcast would request me to do the sound. I could never
Alf Potter
understand why I was selected when there were so many senior engineers to me. I was later told that my sound from the band
Junior John
was atmospheric as others would 
perhaps make it sound like a studio recording. I felt quite chuffed at the praise and that Alf would specially request me. Whereas the real reason for my sound, was that the Outside Broadcast van's audio mixer only had a few channels, so after subtracting the microphones needed for the compere and commentators there were only a couple of mic channels left. All I could do was string a mic way over the top of the band and another on the double bass. So naturally the sound was very much an echo, however it did capture the atmosphere with all the clinking classes, chatter and the band.
The channel 7 OB Van
Planning started weeks before with many meetings in Alf's office to plan the logistics of the event. The Miss Australia Ball broadcast was the glamor broadcast of the year. Everybody who was anybody
was there, the Governor General, the Prime Minister and all the usual bunch of Toorak socialites.
The Lighting
The lighting was a nightmare. The Palais de Dance was a huge area and had to be lit so the insensitive black and white Tv cameras could see something. The only way to light it was to get the light level to at least half level and then use a powerful arc spotlight to focus on the models. Ken Hancok, who 
had worked on films in England was the lighting director. he hired dozens of 5,000 watt lamps to light the Palais de Dance. HSV's largest studio 
Ken Hancok
lights were only 2,000 watts. One could imagine the huge amount of electrical power needed. George Morrison the station electrician would order a mini sub-station from the State Electricity Commission. I remember that so much power was being pulled that the huge circuit breakers would pop out. During the broadcast George Morrison and one of his 
assistants sat with their feet up and their shoes on the circuit breakers, forcing them not to open. Their shoes were hot and you could smell leather burning. All the HSV staff were required to wear dinner suites. The crew were provided with a table out of sight at the front side beside the band. Before the broadcast we were given the same 3 course meal as the guests, drink flowed freely, but we were forbidden to drink before the broadcast. After the broadcast we returned to enjoy all the free drinks we wished. I remember one year whilst John Gorton was Prime Minister of Australia, he came and
sat at our table. Always the larrikin, he said he preferred to sit with us workers, rather than the "boring fart" official
John Gorton
Geoff McComas, from 3DB radio station was the master of ceremonies for many years.
Geoff McComas
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 10 
For many years, the Miss Australia Ball was televised to an audience of millions, becoming one of Australia's most popular and productive fund-raising events. They also offered young women an opportunity to directly contribute to a worthwhile cause, build self-confidence, and hone new skills. Many title-holders went on to successful careers in business and the media because of the experience and public profile they achieved through the awards.
Miss Australia: A Retrospective 1908-2000 is a stunning record in words and pictures of a unique annual event that lasted almost 100 years.
Author Katherine Beard, Miss ACT 1998, interviewed hundreds of people and collected personal stories from almost every Miss Australia since 1946. She shared the fabulous memories of all of those talented and caring women, from the beginnings, to the thrilling heyday of the quest when winners
like Tania Verstak and Rosemary Fenton, to name but two, were front-page, banner-headline news, to the grand finale in 2000.
Tania Verstak, Sydney 1962
First Miss Australia 1926
The Palais de Dance - burnt down in 1968
Beryl Mills became the first Miss Australia in June 1926. The 19-year-old was born and grew up on a sheep station near Geraldton.
Penelope Plummer another Miss Australia Quest winner. She went on  to become Miss World in 1968.
The original Palais de Dance was the now, still standing, Palais Theatre, built in 1913 by the Phillips Brothers, later it was turned into a cinema and a new Palais de Dance was built next door. The Palais de Dance was a showplace for different bands, including those of Jim Davidson, Ern Pettifer, Sammy Lee and Bobby Gibson. The Palais de Dance was very pleasant on a balmy evening, when the doors were opened to the sea and and stars beyond. Each year the Palais de Dance hosted the Miss Australia Ball and Beauty Quest. The Palais de Dance was sadly destroyed by fire in 1968. 
The full story is now on-line
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