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Jakarta Post Feb. 1: The first day of the new visa policy was marked by confusion on Sunday, as a number of foreigners claimed they had not been informed about the new ruling from Indonesian embassies abroad. But in Bali, the enforcement of the new visa policy went smoothly at Ngurah Rai Airport. Dozens of foreigners who had planned to take a Silk Air flight from Singapore bound for Mataram, Lombok, chose to stay in the city-state as they failed to  
obtain visas before boarding the plane. "Because of the visa policy, dozens of foreigners opted to cancel their visit here.There should have been better preparation," Mataram tourism promotion member Rossa Stuart told Antara. She said the Silk Air passengers  were told to apply for a visa at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore as Mataram's Selaparang International Airport was not uthorized to issue the visa. While the impact of the new visa policy 
on the tourist  market is yet to be seen, the visa procedure at Ngurah Rai airport in Bali was clearly improving even on day one. "For the first day it went very well," Aileen Kollasch, 70, from Darwin, Australia, said, but then added that perhaps they had been luckys there were only 42 passengers on the flight. Made Yudha, the airport's operation manager, said it took 30 mins for the first 42 tourists to go through the visa payment procedure in the morning but in the afternoon, as the airport got busier, the procedure took 40 mins for 100 tourists. "We will learn from experience and I believe the process can be quicker," he said. He added that even though some tourists had complained that the process was too slow, most comments had been positive and people seemed happy.
Up to 3 hr wait
Four minutes was the best time reported on the first day. Heaven help anybody arriving on a 436 seat 747-400. The last passenger would 
have a wait of almost 3 hours. Imagine should 2 or 3 aircraft arrive at once.
Reason for Visa change
The Indonesian Government believes many countries have an unfair immigration policy that discriminate against Indonesians. The new policy gives free-visa only to countries that give visa-free access to Indonesian travelers.
Aus. tourists down 27%
DENPASAR, Bali (Antara): The number of Australian tourists who came to Bali in 2003 dropped 27 percent from the previous year,  said Tourist head, I Gde Pitana, Australian tourists  dropped to 183,000 from 232,410 in 2002. 
Tourist numbers dwindle
Arrivals at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport for 2003 totaled 994,616, falling below 1 Mill. for the first time in a decade, according to Jakarta Post, this showed a fall of 291,228 arrivals from 2002. Pre-Terrorist days arrivals in 1999 & 2000 were 1.4 Mill
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You can't get it from eating chicken or eggs - providing they are properly cooked.
(1) Avoid home-made  Mayonnaise or any product using raw eggs.
(2) Avoid contact with live chickens i.e. chicken farms or  markets.
"Bird Flu" is transmitted to humans from chickens by direct contact with chicken feces or oral contact or airborne dust from same. Farm workers and handlers are of most risk of transmission.
The disease cannot be passed from one human to another.
Jakarta Post 26/1: The Director General for Animal Husbandry, Mr. Sofian Sudjarat has publicly admitted that cases of Avian influenza have been present in Indonesia since Aug 29.
Cover Up?
The Jakarta Post has suggested a possible cover up in official's handling of the disease when they quoted Mr. Marthen Malole, a researcher at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, who said the government had refused to make the disease public following pressure from certain multinational companies involved in the poultry industry. Cases have been confirmed in 9 provinces and 17 regencies in Indonesia.
New Scientist
New Scientist magazine says the suspected cause for the widespread dissemination of the H5N1 virus was mass vaccination of poultry flocks by Chinese farmers. Worried after all chickens in Hong Kong were slaughtered to curb an outbreak of the disease in 1997, Chinese producers started vaccinating their birds with inactivated H5N1 virus.
W.H.O. Concerns
The World Health Organization is concerned because if someone is Infected with “Bird Flu” and is suffering from human flu maybe the virus could mutate, causing an epidemic, far greater than SARS. Presently there is no immunization for humans from “Bird Flu” It is expected to take 6 months to develop a vaccine.
4 Chicken Pieces 2 Eggs
225g Puff Pastry 150 ml Milk
1 tsp Veg. Oil 15g Butter
6 Spring Onions 2 tbsp Parsley
1 medium Onion Chicken Stock
Fry onions and chicken in pan, place in saucepan with chicken stock and chopped spring onions. Simmer for 30 mins. Put pastry in baking dish, pour in chicken mix. Make a top and perforate. Cook in oven at 180°C until golden brown. 
Wilhelm & Gurda Return
The last week of January saw the return from Holland of Bali  long timers, Wilhelm and Gurda. Wilhelm is the force behind the new Bali flying club, which he tells us, will start flying very soon.
Gurda preparing for Christmas
Nancy 84½
John's mum Nancy celebrates her 84 and a half birthday at an Hawaiian night in December. She plans to come to Bali in May
Ines in Jakarta
Ines just spent 4 days working in Jakarta, whining and dining, to help the poor people.
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Pitch & Death
All you ever wanted to know about your favorite airline. Remember you are 98.5% more likely to be killed on the road on
the way to the airport, than in an aircraft.
Airline Seat Pitch Deaths/million flights
Cathay  32" 1.5
China Air 31" 0.0
Garuda  33" 2.4
Malaysia 34" 0.9
Qantas 31-32" 0.0
Singapore 32-33" 1.5
Aussie/Indo Boat Race
Denpasar, Antara, Jan 23:- Australia and Indonesia will hold an international boat race from Darwin to Benoa port in Bali in June, Bali governor Dewa Beratha said. The provincial administration of Bali has welcomed the event which can be used as an opportunity to further promote tourism industry in Bali.
JAKARTA Jan 10: Garuda has confirmed it would add 10  to 15 new Boeing 737-300s to its fleet to enhance its services in the domestic market. "Two of the new aircraft arrived last Dec. "They will support our Citylink service, which until now has been flying 5 Fokker F-28s," Garuda director Indra Setiawan said Garuda hoped to achieve a 12% to 15% increase in PAX this year. "NEW"  the 737-300 model is no longer in production.
Caught playing with their roosters!
Denpasar, Bali Jan 23 (AP):- Police officers fired warning shots and scuffled with spectators on Friday at an illegal cockfight in a temple on the resort island of Bali, witnesses said. Several people in the temple in the island's capital, Denpasar, suffered light injuries. 
Some accused police of trying to steal money and cellular phones from the spectators. "This is not a police bust. This is a robbery," shouted Nyoman. Police left the temple without making any arrests.  Cockfighting and gambling are common on Bali, which is Hindu, unlike most of predominantly Muslim Indonesia. Both are illegal, but police traditionally ignore them or allow them to continue after extorting money from organizers.
Meg's  57th 
Megawati celebrates her 57th birthday with 5,000 people:- Jakarta Post Jan 24:- President Megawati Soekarnoputri chose to 
celebrate her 57th birthday with thousands of well-wishers on Friday. But while she often boasts of being a law-abiding
citizen, the Elections Supervisory Committee  could perceive her actions as an attempt to find a loophole in the ban on campaign activities prior to the assigned campaign period. The birthday party was held in an open field in Jababeka Industrial Estate, in Cikarang, West Java. "This is a private celebration, so no pictures please," a presidential palace official begged journalists at the venue. Megawati was born in Yogyakarta on Jan. 23, 1947, the eldest daughter of the country's first president, Sukarno.  "Personally, I would like to hide my age. People say that after you reach 50, your time is less and less. I would like to say that I am 27-years plus," she said. Popular dangdut singer Cici Paramida entertained the guests. 
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January 14, 2004: 8 am we departed from Warung Sobat for Purama Transport in Kuta.
Gede, John & Pak Made set off
Son Gede at Padanbai 
From there to Padanbai via Sanur and Ubud arriving Padangbai, around noon.   After a nice lunch at Warung Muslim the ship finally departed around 1330.
Crossing to Lombok
We arrived at Lembar at 6.15 pm, from where we continued by one hour, mini-bus to Ampenan. In Ampenan we stayed the night at our old favorite Losman Pabean.
School of Dolphins follow us
(A Losman is a small simple guest house) As usual we had a great dinner at Ah Hin's, Chinese  Cirebon restaurant. 
At Cirebon Restaurant
The Itinerary
A ship at Lembar
Sunset at Ampenan Beach
Day 1
BUS Denpasar-Padangbai
SHIP Padangbai-Lembar
BUS Lembar-Ampenan
Day 2
BEMO Ampenan-Bangsal
BOAT Bangsal-Trawangan
Day 3
BOAT Trawangan-Bangsal
BEMO Bangsal-Ampenan
AIR Ampenan-Denpassar
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Next morning Amang took Pak Made & son on an Ampenan walking tour where they visited the Chinese temple, the beach, the Balinese village and inspected the wild Kangkung growing wild in the snake infested swamps. 
Harvesting Kangkung
Kangkung is often described as swamp spinach. Lombok kangkung is famous all over Indonesia. We flew 2 large cartons full back to Bali.
Kangkung Recipe
Break the leaves and storks into 4" pieces, stir fry with shallots, garlic and chili until reduced. For a delicious main course add prawns. 
After the walking tour we met friend Oney at friend Dino's Pojok restaurant for brunch. 
Dino in his restaurant
Amang and Oney at Dino's
After brunch we headed of through the mountains in a rented bemo for Bangsal Harbor. On the way we stopped at the monkey forest and fed the monkeys. At Bangsal Harbor we boarded a traditional Sampan, which we chartered to take us out to Gili Trawangan island.
Pak Made and Amang boarding
Approaching Trawangan Isl.
On arrival at Trawangan we booked into our bungalows at Rudi's Bar and Bungalows.
Our bungalows
followed by a welcome drinks on the foreshore in front of our hotel.
Drinks on the foreshore, Pak Made, Gede, Luke, Oney & John
We had a pleasant day on Trawangan, a nice dinner on the beach, with wine supplied by Pak Made & then partied on until 3 am. 
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Beachside at Rudie's Hotel
Lombok diving
Lombok is famous for its untouched coral, you can rent a snorkel and flippers to explore. If you want to get serious you can do a diving course at one of the many accredited diving schools on the island. You can even charter a sampan and go fishing. If you're successful, the restaurants will be happy to cook you're catch.
Lombok Coral
6 am we were awake, Pak Made went for a swim, John drank coffee & got his nicotine levels up. Lukman made us pancakes for breakfast.
With Lukman
Lukman has been a friend since he was the first employee at Rudi's Hotel over 16 years ago.
Pak Made enjoying a coconut
No cars on Gili Trawangan, just horse cart taxi's
Morning, Amang outside Rudi's
After breakfast we departed by Sampan boat back to Bangsal, then to Ampenan via Amang's house outside Sengigi Beach.
Amang's House
The house is very pleasant set in a plantation of coconut trees. They don't have electricity, they use a car battery for power. Every couple of days they take it to the garage for recharge. Amang runs a motorbike taxi service in the night.
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Amang's, Intan & Nabil
Back in Ampenan we lunched again at Dino's Pojok restaurant. Then Oney took Pak Made and Gede out in his car to Lingsar to see the live eels at the Hindu Lingsar Temple waterworks. After they went to see some land Oney purchased.
Lingsar Temple
This may be the only Hindu shrine in the world where both Hindus and Moslems come to worship. The temple was built in 1714 and rebuilt in 1878 to symbolize harmony and unity between the Hindu Balinese and Moslem Sasak population of the area, especially those who adhere to Lombok's unique Wektu Telu (pray 3 times a day) school of Islam, still practiced on the island of Lombok today.
This was Pak Made and his son's first ever flight. So much excitement, which ebbed somewhat after the flight was delayed 2 hours.
Then after farewells all round we departed on our 18 min, Fokker Friendship flight back to Bali.
On the flight Pak Made said "I am bored after 5 minutes, how do tourists fly 21 hours from Europe?"
Chance Meeting
While waiting to depart for Bali at Lombok airport we ran into Herman's sister Enny and her husband Ahin who run a photography business in Mataram, with branches in Sengigi and Bali. 
With Enny & husband Ahin 
Apprehensive? - Pak Made & Gede, before their first ever flight
Lombok Facts
 Population 2.4 million
 Disposition Extremely friendly
 Ethnic  90% Sasak, Balinese, Chinese, Javanese, Arabs
 Languages Sasak and Bahasa Indonesian
 Literacy 88.5%
 Religion Islam, Christian, Wektu Telu, Hindu
 Climate Dry season May-Oct / Wet   season Nov-Apr
 The Fokker Friendship
Built by the Dutch Fokker Co. the first flew in 1955. The aircraft was an immediate success as a replacement for the venerable DC3. The aircraft was very hardy and ideal for rough bush strips. 786 of the aircraft were built. Production ceased in 1987.
 Speed  265 mph
 Range  1450 miles
 Wingspan  95 ft
 Fuselage Length  82 ft
 Passengers  40 PAX
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Mosque al Haram, Mecca
2 Mill. Invade Mecca
The annual Haii pilgrimage is the worlds largest event. This year the pilgrims have numbered over 2 million. To make a pilgrimage to Mecca is the 5th pillar of Islam, a Muslim must try to do it once in their lifetime. The annual organization of this event is mammoth. This January 204,000 people traveled from Indonesia, mostly by Garuda, Sadly on Sun Feb. 1, over 200 Indonesians were killed in a crush during the stoning of the pillars ceremony.
The Pilgrimage
The pilgrimage requires you to follow many rituals along the way. You begin at Miqat just outside Mecca, known as the Hajj entry station. There you bath and put on the Ihram (a white seamless gown) and you begin to recite the Talbiua Du’a. Then you travel to Mina on 
the 8th day of Dhul Hajjah in the night, the next day you travel to the valley of Arafat where you praise Allah (God). At he end of the day you travel to Muzdalifa where you gather more than 50 stones. In the morning you return to Mina where you throw stones at pillars representing the devil. Then you  go to Mosque al Haram which contains the Ka’bar, this you walk around 7 times, praying as you go.
100 years ago
You repeat this for 3-4 days, then on the 12th day of Dhul Hajjah you you complete Hajj by returning to the Ka’bar for a final 7 circuits, asking forgiveness for your sins. 
It is believed the Ka’bar was built in Mecca by Adam, about 4,000 years ago, then later re-built by Abraham. 
The Ka'bar
Inside is a stone that is believed to have come direct from Allah. 
Mohammed was born around 570 AD, at that time the Ka'bar was the center of a religious culture of idols, polytheism & animism, with a god for every day of the year. Mohammed after being banished to Medina marched back to Mecca, removing all the idols and restoring the Ka'bar's original condition,
The Ka'bar - Ancient painting
1941 the Ka'bar in flood waters
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Guardian London: Centuries before Europeans, sailors from Indonesia raided and traded across the continent of Africa, filling their vessels with gold and silver for the princes of Java and Sumatra. Indonesians gave Africa the secrets of iron and bronze, exotic plants such as banana, and a new culture enriched with music, architecture and spirituality. Claims British amateur historian Robert Dick-Read (73) who has been collecting evidence for a manuscript he hopes to publish this year. Some experts have rubbished Mr Dick-Read as misguided, but others say the "Indonesia Jones" thesis is plausible.
An unrelated expedition,  which reconstructed a ship, illustrated in the reliefs of an 8th century Buddhist temple in Java, has crossed the Indian Ocean and reached South Africa, destination Ghana. Mid Jan they stopped in Cape Town before continuing on to S. Africa.
"We believe our ancestors came here. When we finish I think historians will believe that this voyage would have been possible", said an Indonesian crew member.
It is generally agreed that approx. 1,500 years ago sailors from Indonesia and Malaysia, sailed 3,700 miles west and settled Madagascar. So it is not inconceivable that they traveled to South Africa.
Meg's Brother to Run
Megawati Soekarnoputri's youngest brother, Guruh, plans to run against her in the Presidential election, mid-year. Guruh is the highly artistic member of the Soekarno family and responsible for many special event extravaganzas in Indonesia. He loves producing shows with hundreds of  show girls dressed in feathers. Guruh says he has no conflict with his sister about the challenge, "I just want to help Indonesia."
Tits and Feathers
Pete & Liz to Darwin
Avid KHO News readers, Peter and Liz from Melbourne have relocated to Darwin. Liz discovered whilst in Bali, 2 years ago, that the tropics did wonders for her aches, pains and her general well being.
The new home
After a few trial runs, they decided to sell up in Melbourne and move to Darwin. They found Darwin was the best place in Australia to migrate for similar climes and lifestyle.
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Bali: Late last year ACE Hardware opened in the new Kuta Galeria complex, in the old unused Kuta bus and car park. The store is well stocked with, before unobtainable items in Bali - at a price.
The Company
Ace Hardware, the second largest retailer of home improvement products in the U.S., entered the Indonesian market in 1995, it  forged a partnership with Kawan Lama, a local company that was also an old-player in the trading and retail industry in the country. Later ACE established a separate company called PT Ace Indoritel Perkakas. The company, which is also known as Ace Hardware Indonesia, was later granted the status of master franchise holder by the headquarters in the U.S. Ace Hardware Indonesia is expanding
operations in the country and the region and appointing sub-franchisees. that it fully owns. These outlets will then serve other outlets run by the sub-franchisees, who may operate from their stores, shophouse or even mobile vans.
The Cavernous interior
Current expansion plan consists of building a network of at least 50 outlets with a target of 100 of both wholly-owned and franchised outlets by 2005. In the meantime, Ace Hardware Indonesia is also expanding into Singapore, where it has set up its first overseas outlet. ACE now operates with 12 stores located in several major cities in Indonesia, with 6 stores in Jakarta, 3 stores in Surabaya and one each in Bandung, Balikpapan and Batam. The Bali store opened in late October 2003.
Jakarta Post: ANG PAO TREE: Two children of Chinese Indonesian descent select Ang Pao, placed on a tree designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year, or Imlek, in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Ang Pao are normally red envelopes with money inside. On Sunday, the organizer of the tree required people to make their own Ang Pao before they chose envelopes on the tree. This Ang Pao collected from the public will be go to the Kompas Daily Newspaper's Humanitarian Foundation. 
January 22 the Chinese people world wide celebrated the Chinese New Year. This is year 2555, the year of the monkey.
Touching a lucky monkey
Cooks Corner
Do your beans look like this?
Or this?
No chemicals - no additives!
Yes you can cook appetizing green beans with a fresh spring green colour. Beans go dark when being boiled because they contain toxins and they stay in the bean giving them that horrible dark colour.
The secret
Use an extra large pot of salted water, the water will absorb the toxins, leaving your beans, looking as the song says "Like the green green grass of home."
2 gm
Vit C
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The first double deck, A380 central fuselage came out of jig in Airbus’ Saint Nazaire site, in France. Assembly of the central fuselage started in Aug 2003. Designed in close collaboration with major airlines, airports and airworthiness authorities, the A380 superjumbo is the most advanced, spacious and efficient airliner ever conceived. 
The 2 decks can be clearly seen
The fuel burn per passenger is down 13% from a B747 at 95 miles per gallon. The first model will seat 555 passengers in spacious comfort. Later, models of up to 1000 PAX will be possible. Launched in December 2000, the A380 will enter airline service in 2006. Long time Boeing 747 customer Qantas, has placed firm orders for 12 Airbus 380 aircraft, service commencing 2007.
Luxury interior
Harry Potter
JAKARTA (JP): The Indonesian translation of Harry Potter and the "Order of the Phoenix" by British author J.K. Rowling was launched on early Sunday Jan 11 and was selling like hot cakes. Priced at Rp 140,000 ($22) for hardback and Rp 95,000 ($15) for paperback versions, 100 copies were sold at the first 10 minutes.  Publisher Gramedia Pustaka Utama launched the book by sending off a convoy of 15 vans through Jakarta's main streets. Similar midnight launch was also held in Yogyakarta. 
This simple, lowtec, low cost unit is firmly mounted on the house wall. On the first slight tremor, the plumb bob pendulum (D) moves & touches one of the 3 brass contact screws (E), set into a plastic pipe (C). The screws are set only a fraction of an inch from the plumb bob. On contact,  the relay coil (A) is energized pulling in the contacts (B) and held "ON" for 30 seconds by the charged capacitor. The relay energizes the alarm bell. The "ON" time may be +/- by changing the value of the capacitor. 
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KHO: At Christmas time the KHO purchased a new acoustic guitar. Handy to have a second guitar when we have 2 players in the house. 
The Guitar is manufactured by Olympia guitars of Tacoma, Washington, US. It's a model OD5, one of their new offshore manufactured models (we think made in Indonesia.) Special presses are used to bend the
mahogany used in the sides and back. The front is made from spruce and the neck from rosewood.
Lead by the experience and knowledge of Terry Atkins, this guitar was engineered, set-up, inspected and shipped,
directly from the factory in Tacoma, Washington. Olympic claim the imported guitars are built with the same attention to detail and with precision manufacturing.  The pedigree of Tacoma guitars started  with the Christian Frederick Martin who, beginning with his company in 1833, began to develop all of the things that we now consider to the steel string guitar. Olympia guitar sales have now risen to number 3 in the US.
Road Test by Dadan
I very very like this guitar, sound like more cost guitar. Is easy to play because the frets are large and it have lovely soft feel. 
The space between the strings and fret is only 1.5 mm. So not have use big
push on your fingers. Nice if play for long time,  hand not get sick. The neck is small so easy for my small hands come around it. I  give it a 9 out of 10. Dadan is Jamal's youngest brother.
The Guitar price
Jamal found  the guitar in Matahari  on special, only $85 normal price $190. The US price is US$199 (AU $265.) Well done Jamal!
A tour of the KHO
News Office
People often ask in their emails - "What does the KHO newsroom actually look like?" 
The entrance doors
The KHO newsroom is in an annex to the KHO, set in the water fountain bamboo terrace garden. The world connects to the KHO through our narrow band 249 bps internet connection. 
World events are monitored on our DR48 SW receiver and our Skyscan digital satellite receiver. 
News center KH0
A normal day starts at 7.30 am, when the Bali Post newspaper arrives. Assistant Jamal avidly reads through, looking for any news that may be of interest to our international readers. 8am, a large pot of piping hot coffee is served to the editor, followed by a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, grilled mushroom, grilled tomato and toast. The editor answers emails from our many fans all around the world. The morning is spent preparing, interesting articles for the KHO News. At 12 noon the office closes for lunch, but briefly re-opening at 4.30 pm to check any breaking news, at 5pm cocktails are served on the balcony.
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Air Transport World Magazine, has named Qantas Airline of the Year, sighting excellent service and flexibility on the ground. Did they ever fly Qantas, one wonders?
Ad Awards
This was a genuine ad released by Air Niugini back in the early 1980s. They flew services from Australian cities to Port Moresby, and reciprocal rights were given to Qantas. But it appears Qantas wasn't too impressed with the advert, so they asked the Australian government to ask the Papua New Guinea government, to ask Air Niugini to withdraw the ad, which they promptly did.
Denny goes surround
HTDDW750 Home Cinema in a box + DVPNS530 DVD PLAYER
Denny in Melbourne has just purchased this fantastic Sony surround sound system with a whopping 115 watts of audio power. Complete with a DVD player which will play all CD formats.
Telkom Rate Hike
Telkom Indonesia has announced a series of rate hikes, effective Feb. 1, that will see Indonesian consumers and businesses paying up to 63% more for their telephone use. Basic long distance charges were raised 28.6 percent to 144 rupiah ($0.024) per pulse, local calls by 24.1 percent to 180 rupiah ($0.030) per pulse. A pulse on a local call is 120/180 secs.
Local Calls
0900-1500 1.5 c/min
1500-0900 1 c/min
Internet ISP+ Phone
0900-1500 $1.50 p/h
1500-0900 $1.00 p/h
A very nice deli with everything you could want including nice wines and spirits - at a price. Bottle of Johnny Walker $37. Inside is a coffee shop with designer sandwiches.
Outside at the back a nice little restaurant with tables and chairs under a big tree. The meals are moderately expensive, I had the "Breakfast all day" @$6.50, with coffee & OJ - Very good value.
Wayan now works in Canggu Villas, he often drops in to read the job column in the daily Bali Post, just in case a better job comes up.
The Last Line
Money is not everything, but it damn well helps..........
Why pay $25US to bring a baby into Bali, you can buy them cheaper here..........
The KHO is the affectionate name of our house in Bali, this a non - commercial site, to keep our many friends in touch with the local scene. Our aim is to help the local people through promoting tourism. The KHO web site: Contributions and photo's welcome please email us
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