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All the information & News from the KHO, John & Jamal's house in Bali.
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Indonesian news - Bali cheap eats - Bali recipes - Bali Gossip - Bali travel - Bali tours - Bali hints - Bali travellers
Bali flight information - Bali taxi - Bali bus services - Bali/Java train. Everything you want to know about Bali,
written and compiled monthly by John Symons at the Kerobokan Home Office (KHO) Bali. Subscription free.
John Symons is a retired television producer/director from Melbourne Australia has been living in Bali since 1997. Jamal, John's good friend and house manager sells real estate properties in Bali. Due to many hundreds of emails and phone calls for information about Bali we nicknamed our house The Kerobokan Home Office (KHO)
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John's Memoir
of his days in early
Australian Television
"Channel 7 Days
is now On-line.
All your favourite recipe's from the last 4 years CLICK HERE
The Kerobokan Home Office is the affectionate name for John and Jamal's  house in Bali. 
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