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Hello, welcome to my homepage. My name is Jamal I am originally from Bandung in West Java, I am 39 years old and have been living in Bali for 16 years.
I love helping people and have done so for most of my time in Bali. I work part time at Wulan's Furniture and Antiques Jl Tangkuban Perahu 298, Padang Sumbu. We have some very interesting pieces there, you must come and check it out, just give me a call and I will give you directions. The rest of the time I help my clients. I can help you too.
My services include:
If your new in Bali, you probably don't know where to start when it comes to visa's, vehicle licences, property acquisition and the best places to buy a car or motor bike, find electrical & household goods. Where can I find a good doctor, dentist, gardener or servant? Remember, I can help you.
Hotel & Accommodation:
Whether you want a small hotel, 5 star hotel or villa for your holiday, Remember, I can help you
Car & Motorbike rental:
We know the best deals, don't get ripped off. Remember, 
I can help you.
Real Estate:
Finding land, houses, villa's to rent or buy. Sourcing furniture, electrical and household goods. I have helped many people over the years and they always call again if they need something, it's nice to know they trust me.
If you need to extend your social visa, I can do it for you, just make sure you contact me 10 days before your visa expires.
Having lived here for so long I know many good tradesmen. You have to be so careful here, some charge way above the local price and then you find they are total amateurs and you have to start over again. 
Remember, I can help you.
What ever your needs in Bali
call me first, 
Remember I can help you.
Call Jamal - 0818 55 7697
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