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January 2005
The Indonesian province of Aceh was hardest hit in the tragic tsunamis that hit on Dec. 26. Our hearts go out to all those poor suffering people.
09.05 the KHO Quake Alarm activated. In the next 2 hours the alarm continued to trigger. Jamal said "Must be something big" ... Little did we know!.
Troubled Aceh
The Acehenese people are no strangers to suffering, tragedy and death. They have been fighting a bloody war for over 400 years. Islam entered Indonesia around 700 AD through Aceh. In 804 the Islamic Kingdom of Perlak was 
established, it became very influential, with the Sultan of Aceh and the Sultan of Malacca controlling trade through the straights. The highly profitable spice trade attracted the Dutch East India Company est.1602. The 1641 death of the Sultan lead the Dutch and British quest to dominate the region. Through the London Treaty (1824) the Dutch gained control of all British possessions on the island of Sumatra (inc. Aceh). In the same treaty, however, the Dutch agreed to allow independence for Aceh. After 1870, the colonial state began to fill out the territorial boundaries of modern Indonesia by conquering these independent states. Nevertheless, in 1871, the British authorized the Dutch to invade Aceh, possibly to prevent French annexation. The Acehenese resisted occupation.
The Dutch suffered 10,000 casualties. The War, lasted until 1942 when the Dutch surrender to the Japanese.  In 1945, after the Japanese surrender, the Republic of Indonesia was proclaimed. Ironically the Acehenese sponsored the Sokarno revolution with gold. Soon, however, both the British and Dutch were back trying to regain their former colonies. The most critical event in explaining the attitude of many Acehenese is the transfer of sovereignty between the territory of the Dutch East Indies and a fully independent Indonesia. The Kingdom of Aceh was included in the agreements despite not having been formally incorporated into the Dutch colonial possession. Subsequently, the Indonesian government used troops to annex Aceh. Since then, the Acehenese have continued to resent what they consider foreign occupation. The Free Aceh movement GAM has been active right up until the 
Dec 26 tsunamis disaster. The Acehenese are some of the world's poorest. Although the province is rich in natural resources including oil,  sadly the wealth is extracted by foreign companies with the proceeds returning to Jakarta. The Acehenese resent this. Jakarta  is steeped in foreign debit, with funds already earmarked to service IMF and foreign loans.
The Future
In this time of terrible tragedy, there may be a glimmer of hope for the poor Acehenese people. Foreign aid will pour in to Aceh, many jobs will be created by the  rebuilding program giving a kick start to a new Aceh economy. The announcement by the Paris Club that they may place a moratorium on Indonesia's colossal foreign debt is good news. This will  free up Jakarta finances and they can be more benevolent to Aceh. Hopefully the people of Aceh may prosper and at last live in peace.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 2 
Happy New Year 2005 from John, Jamal and all at the KHO
Christmas Day
We were invited to a relaxing lunch at Rob & Wiwin's fabulous villa.
Thank Goodness it's over!
Kids in the pool
Jamal taking it easy
John Rushed to Hospital
Bali Dec 15: About to leave Warung Sobat, John stood up too quickly and fainted. In doing so he fell over backwards and smashed his head on the floor. Immediately John was rushed to Bali International Medical Clinic.
Dede looks after John, 
while Jamal haggled about the price out the back. John's head was operated on by Dr Wicaksana, five stitches pulled in the
3 cm gash. Old friend Raja, receptionist,  made sure we were well looked after and not over charged. 
Christmas Day, Nurse Wiwin removed the stitches. Thanks Wiwin.
TV Morals
New Indonesian President, Susilo 
Bambang Yudhoyono has asked that they not show navels on television.
Jakarta Meteor
JAKARTA Sun Dec 19: Witnesses reported seeing an object with a tail of fire hurtling toward Jakarta early on Sunday, before a loud. 
Air Force radar detected a unidentified object around the same time. It is thought the object was a large meteor.
Java Air Crash
SOLO Dec 4, a LION AIR MD-80 ran off the end of the runway into a graveyard during bad weather. Toll was 26 dead with 100  injured. 
Visa on Arrival
VOA to Generate US$33.9 Million in 2004 The Indonesian cash strapped Government Intends to retain the Visa on Arrival, but promises to review changes in current policy. Including expanding the number of countries eligible to purchase visas on arrival in Indonesia and extend the maximum permitted length of stay beyond the current 30 days.
Garuda Problem
The Airline has requested government refinancing in 
order to stave off a portfolio of debt totalling US$ 850 million, significantly reduced from the US$ 1.1.billion owed in 1997.  Garuda must find US$ 115 million in principal and interest that must be paid in the current year. Pleas to the Government for assistance to be extended to Garuda are extremely problematic. With the majority of loans held by foreign creditors. Garuda now faces tough competition with other domestic, low-cost airlines, who have created a price war. Internationally the picture is equally as grim.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Bali Airport Hotel
Bali airport is to have a 60 room transit hotel, located on the 3rd floor of Bali's International Airport terminal. The hotel will open 2005.
Java-Bali Toll Road
Indonesian President SBY has announced  the construction of 1,500 kilometre toll road joining Java and Bali. Many groups in Bali oppose the Bali-Java bridge, they say it will erode Bali's culture. Why not close the airport 
Roof Riding Ban
JAK Dec 17: It is now illegal for passengers to sit on railway coach roofs, say Indonesian Government.
Train passing Jamal's house in Bandung with many free-riders
Each year many people are killed and injured roof riding local trains.
Aussie Visitors
Old work friend, Wai Mun and his partner visited Bali in November. 
John, Jamal, Noriko, Wai Mun, Dede & Andi in Sobat
They visited the KHO for cocktails, then to Warung Sobat for dinner.
Asia to built Jet 
Six Asian cities have joined together to develop a regional
The N2130 Jet
passenger jet and will be produced by Indonesia's PT Dirgantara, formally IPTN Bandung. The aircraft will be based on the N2130 designed by IPTN, the prototype aircraft was almost completed, when the program was cancelled, on order of the IMF during the Asian financial crisis. The 100-seat, 3 hour range aircraft would fly between major cities and be a symbol of Asian co-operation.
A Holey Christmas
Bali Dec: In the middle of the month the drain crossing in the front of our compound collapsed. 
The Bunja (village council) had a meeting which lasted 2½ hours to decide to fix it. Work started next day - 3 weeks later it is still not finished. Every house has to contribute A$30 for the work.
Air Paradise to BNE
Bali carrier Air Paradise International began flying on he Brisbane/Denpasar route Dec 5. The airline operates a twice weekly direct service departing Brisbane at 10am and arrive in Bali at 1.10pm . 
Air Paradise Aircraft
API's Airbus A300-600 which plies the Denpasar/Melb/Syd route has an interesting history. It first test flew on April 1, 1992 with the French registration of F-WWAH. The aircraft was leased by Ansett leasing to GARUDA on June 30 1992.  Returning to to Ansett July 7, 1996 as VH-WBF. Nov 14, 1997 the aircraft was leased to BELVIEW Airlines of Nigeria where it flew until April 4, 2000 it was again returned to Ansett as VH-BWF. June 12, 2001, it flew to Turkey, leased by AIR ALPHA as TC-ABF, until it flew to the Ansett US leasing company on May 5, 2002 where it was re-furbished. API leased the aircraft on Aug 15, 2003, registered as PK KDK. API's owner is Pak Kadek.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 4 
John and Denny
Nov 28, John flew to Melbourne with Air Paradise. The flight left at 2215 (1 hour earlier during Australian summer time) After take-off cocktails were served followed by supper with a choice of Sauté' Chicken and rice or Beef Noodle complimented with red or white wine from Yellow Tail Australia. Air Paradise's parent company are the Indonesian agents for Yellow Tail wines. 
From my seat on the API A300
On arrival in Melbourne, I was surprised to see at Customs,  they no longer have the Red and Green channels, everybody now must go through the inspection area and have their baggage X-rayed. 0800, Denny picked me up from the airport in his brand new Masda-3. Runs very nicely.
Alice May Symons
First stop was to nephew Trenton and Carolyn's house to meet my new grand niece Alice May Symons, born Sep. 20, 2004.
Proud father Trenton
Then it was off to hometown Leongatha to visit my mum and brother Ross for 2 days. The first night, dinner with Ross' family, Nancy, 2 daughters (not shown) son Ben, Karen, Ross and John.
For the first time  I was able to use my Seniors Card, presented to me 
by the Victorian Government on my 60th birthday. The card gives up to 60% discount on public transport. Melbourne-Bendigo now costs A$22 rather than $59.
Spencer St. Station
Then to Spencer Street Railway Station, Melbourne to travel to Bendigo to meet friends Ian,  Mandy and their 3 boys.
The station is being completely renovated in readiness for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
New Toaster at the KHO
Ian and Mandy presented John with a new toaster for the KHO in appreciation for their stay in Bali.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 5 
After a pleasant night in Bendigo, I headed off with Ian and Mandy to the historic town of Castlemaine.
Castlemaine is at the centre of the area once known as the Mount Alexander Goldfields. Between 1851 and 1861,  its goldfields were among the richest in the world, 105,000kg of gold were found there. Castlemaine became the headquarters of the Government Camp for the area in 1852, and its impressive buildings were all built during the following ten years. With no deep mines to sustain it, Castlemaine has developed little since then.  Within a year of gold being discovered, the population soared to 25,000. Today it is 7300. However Castlemaine has become a charming historical village attracting many tourists.
Old Castlemaine
The town is littered with historic buildings and interesting book, brick-a-brak and antique shops.
Castlemaine Post Office
Goldrush days
Historic homestead
One particularly interesting shop is the Renovators Barn. They have an amazing collection of original brass home hardware as well as antique lamps, phones, radios and tools.
Renovators Barn
 Theatre Royal 
Castlemaine Theatre Royal is the longest continually running theatre in mainland Australia. Built in 1856 during the gold boom, it has hosted celebrities from Lola Montez in 1856 to Phillip Noyce in 2002
Castlemaine's Theatre Royal
Lola Montez 1820-1861
Born in Ireland as Eliza Gilbert, raised in India, married as a teenager to a friend of her mother, she left her husband after several love 
affairs and ran off to Spain. Emerging as an exotic dancer named Lola, she took London, Paris and Munich by storm, charmed Lizst and became the mistress of Ludwig. So outrageous was her behaviour, that the public out cry resulted in his abdication. 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Later, after a bigamy charge in England, Lola went to America, where she found fame as a dancer, then as an actress. During this time she toured Australia and appeared in Castlemaine. When bookings dropped off, she was forced  to remove even more clothing in her act. Her public,  demanded that she "take it all off". If not for her use of her whip, crowd control would have failed. In the end, Lola found religion, devoted herself to good works. She died in 1861 and was buried in Brooklyn, NY. She is remembered for the song "What ever Lola wants, Lola gets"
Castlemaine Find
Whilst I was in Castlemaine, I found gold. Well brass actually. In an out of the way book shop of all places I found two original piano candle holders. I eventually got them for A$20. Bali bargaining skills do come in handy, even in Australia.
Ging Wah
Back in Melbourne and off to the Ging Wah restaurant at 198 Chapel St Windsor with Bradley and Joe. It was established in 1958, since then has served legendary Chinese food. Hosts Sue and Henry will make you very welcome. 
With Joe and Brad
We went to Ging Wah restaurant a 
second night, along with Mr Ian to present to Miss Rochelle, the coveted 2004 KHO Devoted Secretary of the Year Award Trophy. This is the
6th year in succession that Rochelle has won the award. It has been rumoured, her boss will give her a free Bali holiday in recognition of her long, devoted service.
Melbourne: Old friend Jimmy from the Mediterranean restaurant, first on Chapel St. Prahran 15 years ago. After a break of 4 years he has re-opened in Glenhuntly Rd. On my final night in Melbourne we went along to try.
Paul, Brad & Joe go Greek
The food is better than ever and still reasonably priced. Fresh fish, Calamari, Oysters, Moussaka and great Greek dips, salads and bread.
Host Jimmy with John & Denny
The Castlemaine candle holders came without a mount. I went to a hardware store to look for something I could make a mount.
Finally I found a brass cupboard latch that was just about the right size. Back in Bali, I removed the ball bearings and drilled a larger hole and filed out the gap to fit.
I cut a scrap piece of 1/4" brass tube and a bolt to length.
The brass was polished,  the assembly screwed to a block of wood and then to the wall.
Candle holders above our piano
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 7 
L-R Graham Parker, Gerry McKecknie, Joe Balog, 
Bradley Knight, Denny Hein, Pamela Caldwell, Ron Duhengoh,
  Graham Fettling and Graham MacNamara.
Thur Dec 2: We had a reunion dinner at Piazza Navona on Toorak Road South Yarra. The crowd was a mixture of old work friends and family.  36 attended.
Baylon, Allison and Makenzy
John, Danielle, Trenton, Makenzy and Baylon
Graham MacNamara, John and Wayne Giles
Niece Danielle & husband Shaun
With Joe & Geoff White
Cousin Simon and Danielle
Bradley, Simon John & Denny
John Handby, Geoff, Harold Aspinall, Lex and Rod Brown
Michael, Rodney & Paul
Graham, Graham, Wayne, John Budge, Graham and Gerry
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 8 
Ian buys a new house
Ian Davey has purchased himself a wonderful new home in Silkwood Ave, Fountain Gate. The home is just like the one used by ABC Tv, for the filming of the series Kath & Kim.  It features 3 bedrooms, formal lounge, study, dining,  timber kitchen huge rumpus room, double remote garage and a paved covered outdoor entertaining area,
Cinema opening soon
The rumpus room will become the new Cinema Langham or is it to be Cinema Silkwood?
The cinema will feature a projection room, electrically operated curtains and a Hammond organ, which will hydraulically raise from the soon to be excavated wine cellar below the rumpus room.
Fully equipped Kitchen
Spacious Lounge
The Master's Bedroom
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 9
Flour Egg
Castor Sugar Salt
Baking powder Vanilla essence
Strawberries Ice cream.
Slice strawberries in half and wash. Gently toss for a few minutes with castor sugar until a syrup forms. Place in refrigerator for a couple of hours. Mix flour, sugar, salt, egg, vanilla and baking powder in blender, adjust the amount of flour for correct consistency. Cook pancake in a greased pan until golden brown. Serve with ice cream and strawberries on top.
Ian Davey Birthday
December 5, long time friend Ian Davey celebrated his 61st birthday, 
John attended a gala private party given for Ian in a very exclusive,  well known, South Yarra restaurant.
What a Brave Sheila
Our fearless friend Sheila from Canada, sits behind a man-eating Komodo Dragon, during her recent trip to Komodo Island near Bali.
For the Bali Kids
Air Paradise now asks passengers to donate their spare Aussie change to help the poor kids of Bali. Good move.
New Lamp
The front gate of the KHO now sports a new street lamp, spray painted in regulation KHO Green. The lamp sports a 14 watt PLC high efficiency globe.
Film Review
De-lovely is an original musical portrait of American composer Cole Porter filled with his unforgettable songs. In the film, Porter is 
looking back on his life as if it was one of his spectacular stage shows, with the people and events of his life becoming the actors and action on-stage. 
Through legendary hits like Night and Day, It's De-lovely, and In the Still of the Night, Porter's elegant, excessive past comes to light including his deeply complicated relationship with his wife and muse, Linda Lee Porter. The story is a bit so-so, but the songs are great. 
KHO Bali: Many people ask us is it safe to come to Bali, especially now, with the new warnings over the Christmas New Year season. We always have to say, well it is up to you to decide. We cannot say Bali is safe, same as you could not say Sydney, London, Paris is safe. Governments have a duty to give advise, but they have to cover everyone from the seasoned traveller to the novice. If you have no previous experience travelling overseas, it may not be a wise move, otherwise come and enjoy.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 10 
We celebrated new year at Warung Sobat, a good time was had by all. photo's in next months edition.
Dec 24 Bali: We celebrated Christmas Eve at Warung Sobat. Later in the evening Santa Claus arrived and distributed gifts.
Santa arrives
 Ines and Andi
 Jamal and Yana
Ketut and Santa
Anes and Putu
Lina and Anes
Santa upstaged by kids
Rob and Wiwin
Anes, Rohimah and Elli
Sobrah and Hendrik
Denny and Sophie
Santa gives gifts
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 Kerobokan Home Office News        John's Memoir continues..................
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 L-R Vic Gordon, Princess Panda, Happy Hammond, Lovely Anne and Uncle Roy. 
One of HSV7's most successful shows "The Happy Show" originally ran on GTV9 before Happy Hammond signed with HSV7 and the show moved.
A very young Ross Campbell (C) on the original channel 9 Happy Show, with Happy Hammond and Denzyl Howsen.
John (17) on the boom, with Happy Hammond & Vic Gordon.
John's Minute of Fame
Tue Nov 2, 1962 this story was published in the Sun News Pictorial in the daily "Young Sun" section. The story was written by Jim Foley, a Herald staff reporter and the photo taken by Harry Wonacot. HSV 7's publicity photographer.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 12 
60's Memories
 Ron Casey
World of Sport was the brainchild of Doug Elliot, who bought 2 hours of time on channel 7, starting Sunday at noon, at the rumoured price of 60 pounds per hour, in what was before a non existing time slot. Elliot joined with Ron Casey of 3DB who hosted and produced the show. Elliot found the sponsors and presented the live advertisements himself. Most ads were scheduled for 30 seconds however often ran 3 minutes. Uncle Doug gave them value for money.
Doug always like to be paid in cash often collecting from the sponsor straight after the ad went to air.
Ad man - Doug Elliot
From humble beginnings the show as soon a huge success, collecting more money than prestige shows in evening night slots. Ron Casey had the knack of surrounding himself with excellent people.
Racing Panel with Bill Collins
The show was first directed by John Dixon who gave the show a relaxing Sunday casual air.
Show Success
Later the channel management, who obviously all slept in Sunday morning, realized what a gold mine the show was and took the show over from Mr Elliot, who after only received commission for the ads. Dick Jones, director of Sunny Side Up became the director.
WOS Director Dick Jones
HSV-7 was the Football Channel and managed to get all the personalities into the studio. Opposition GTV-9 tried to copy the show, but they could never get the personalities. What was 7's secret?
The In-famous Dungeon
"Were off to Church" was what most of the sporting personalities of the day would tell their wives, as they left home for the Channel 7 studios on a Sunday morning. On arrival they headed for the basement under the Studio One make-up room called "The Dungeon". We must remember it was during the time of 6 o'clock closing in Melbourne and also alcohol could not be sold on Sundays. In the Dungeon the beer flowed freely, the only place in Melbourne where you could get a beer on Sunday. And what an exclusive club, just for the top sportsmen. 
The football panel - hilarious after a few beers
The Four and twenty meat pie company supplied an industrial pie warmer and free pies. A great time was had by all. In the Dungeon were all the Who's Who's of the Melbourne sporting world. 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 13 
Show's Secret
The show's floor manager only had to go to the Dungeon to find anyone they needed for an interview. Channel 9 couldn't match that. Of course the Seven management knew nothing at all about the illegal grog shop in the "The Dungeon" or did they?
Ron Casey - oblivious
Ron Casey new nothing of the party below the studio, he never seemed to hear the endless laughter emanating from the Dungeon into the studio, the floor manager often having to quieten down the crowd. Beer supplies were delivered on Fridays as "show props", after all Carlton and United Breweries were one of the major sponsors.
All went well for a long time. However it had got out of hand. Apart from the Sports Stars, word had got around Melbourne that if you needed a dozen cans of Beer on a Sunday morning "Drop down to Channel 7". Engine idling cars were queued outside the studio as the driver would run out of the main 7 entrance with a dozen cans up his jumper. 
The "Sly Grog" Shop
Police Raid
One Sunday morning the Victorian Police raided the studios while the show was on air. The props person in charge of the beer props was seen on-air running behind Ron Casey, on camera, followed by 2 policemen. It was reality Tv Keystone Cops.  The management 
"knew nothing" (par for the course even when it came to Television). A couple of staff were charged but got off lightly. Magically the story was kept out of the press, Ah "the power of the press" After all the tv station was owned by a major newspaper.
Back to Normal
Only a few weeks passed before the beer was flowing again. However, now with a security guard on the front door, making sure that only bone fide show guests entered the building. The show went on for 28 years and for some time was the longest running Tv show anywhere in the world.
I often worked on World of Sport, first on disks, playing theme music, sound effects and sound commercials from the dubbing room, a small room designed for laying soundtracks on film programs. The Dubbing Room was quite remote from the studio, all I
had was the voice of the director screaming through a distorted speaker, to follow. Bakelite discs flew everywhere, occasionally breaking, in the scramble to find the theme music for a segment that was not planned. 
Sometimes, after the 3 studio cameras were criss crossed around the studio, their cables would become entwined to the point that they had to be unplugged and untangled. I would play some interlude music during the process.
Boom operator Graham Fettling often worked on the show.
Later I was often the audio engineer for the show. The show was chaotic, although there was a production meeting before the show, nothing ever went to plan. 
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