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The KHO News is published monthly
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July 2004
Wed June 9: John's mum, Nancy arrived in Bali for a 3 week holiday. Whilst here, she celebrated her 85th birthday twice? Full story below
Mon July 5: History was made when the first ever Indonesian Presidential Election was held, in a very orderly and peaceful manner. Jamal was surprisingly up early after watching the Euro Cup soccer final between Portugal and Greece. At 8 am he headed for the
polling station at the entrance to our compound. It was very quiet, no doubt most people were sleeping in after the cup.
The final result will not be known for many days, however Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (known in Indonesia as SBY) 
has clearly taken the lead although not achieving over 50%, which will mean the run off election, between the 1st and 2nd winners will be held in September.
Jimmy Carter
JAKARTA June 5: Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter praised Indonesia's "wonderful transition" to democracy as he watched the voting in the country's first direct presidential election. He said "This is a wonderful transition from authoritarian rule to democracy in just six years, the Indonesian people are to be congratulated," 
Bali June Arrivals - All time Record
Bali foreign arrival numbers for June hit 131,540 an increase of 62% from June arrivals last year. This figure surpasses the previous record in June 2002's where 130,560 visitors arrived in Bali.
The problem now is that the major proportion of arrives are from Asia, many on package tours including all meals and tours. They stay far less time and spend little money compared to the Americans, Australians and Europeans. So hotel occupancies are still down.
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Mt Bromo Erupts
Thurs June 10: Rescuers searched on Wednesday for more victims reported missing after the eruption of Mount Bromo, a popular tourist spot in Probolinggo regency, East Java, as experts checked for signs of further major eruptions. 
The 2,392 meter-high volcano spewed black smoke and hot ash on Tuesday without any warnings issued by volcanologists and killed two hikers, including a Singaporean. The Bromo National Park is closed to tourists until further notice.
Australian police open office in Denpasar
July 5, DENPASAR (Antara): The Australian Federal Police opened an office here on Sunday to improve Australian co-operation with the Indonesian National Police. Australian Justice and Excise Minister Chriss Ellison inaugurated the new office accompanied by federal police commissioner Mick Keelty. Also present were Australian consul general Brent Hall, Bali Provincial Police chief Insp. Gen. Made Mangku Pastika, deputy chief Brig. Gen. Teguh Sudarsono and officials from the Bali provincial administration. The new office is located in the Australian consulate general compound. Pastika said the opening of the office in Bali was not intended to intervene with the National Police's activities. "The office functions more to co-ordinate cases involving both countries. It is easier to hunt criminals with the presence of the office," he said. Indonesian police have co-operated extensively with Australian police following the deadly Bali bombing attacks in October 2002 in which 202 people were killed, many of them Australian tourists.
David Booth MBE
Frequent Warung Sobat diner, subscriber to the KHO news and founder of the Bali Poverty Project David Booth has been awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for "Services to 
sustainable development in rural East Bali, Indonesia" in The Queen's 2004 Birthday Honours List. Determined to work with the local community on projects identified and embraced first and foremost by the community itself, David assisted as key elements needed to build a self-sustaining systematic solution to community's problems were put in place. David and his hard working team at the East Bali Poverty Project continue to work toward their next major goal: a guarantee the villagers will enjoy food security by 2012 ...BaliDiscovery Congratulations David from all at the KHO. Check out the Bali Poverty Project at:
JAKARTA June 22:  Youths on their bikes pose in front of a pair of giant balloons known locally as ondel-ondel (Jakarta's traditional puppets) on Jl. MH Thamrin in Central Jakarta, before departing for the nearby National Monument (Monas) park to observe the 477th Anniversary celebration of the capital city. The ceremony on Tuesday evening was centred at the park and presided over by Governor Sutiyoso. 
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Whilst in Bendigo Australia last month, with friends Ian and Mandy, we visited a junk yard and found this very old and dilapidated 
electric bell. It was missing the arm and bell hammer. To repair this we bought a brass tap handle and a length of 1/8th 
brass wire. A tap handle end was sawn off then drilled, wire inserted and soldered.
The new bell arm and hammer
The whole assembly was completely pulled apart cleaned, painted and re-assembled and a new spring added.
After re-assembly
Spring and speed adjustment
The 1920's restored bell
Bell mounted in the dining room
How it Works
The bell is activated by the Push button, current flows through the contact (A) the spring (B) and speed adjustment (E) into the electro-magnetic coil (C). The rocker (D) is pulled to the coil, causing the hammer (G) to strike the bell (H), at the same time opening the contact and breaking the current (A) bringing the arm back to the 1st position, this action repeats at high speed making the bell ring continuously.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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KHO Earthquake Detector Upgrade
Yes, just when you thought you'd heard the end of it, we have modified the earthquake detector again. It now has a new alarm bell panel on the top. Neat? Heh!
Air Asia to Bali
Air Asia the budget Malaysian carrier will spread it's wings to Bali with the start of a Kuala Lumpur-Bali service in July. The very successful new airline initially only flew Malaysian domestic routes. No fares have been released yet. Air Asia currently flies from KL to 14 Malaysian destinations as well as Singapore, Brunei, Jakarta, Medan & Bangkok. John & Jamal flew Air Asia last year from Penang to Jahore Baru, we found them excellent.
House Fly
More than 100 pathogens associated with the house fly may cause disease in humans, including typhoid, cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax and infantile diarrhoea, as well as parasitic worms.
Merparti to Fly to Banyuwangi
Indonesian domestic carrier Merparti are planning a new route to Bali via Banyuwangi. Currently a small airport is being built to handle a 22 seat Twin-Otter airplane. Service is scheduled to commence before year end. 210km 108km
The Twin-Otter was built by DeHaveland Canada and designated as a DHC-6 it cruses at 150 knots or 227 km per hour. Approximate flying time Surabaya- Banyuwangi, 1 hour. Banyuwangi- Bali, 1/2 hour.
Merparti Twin-Otter
Bakelite the first Plastic
Leo Hendrik Baekeland was born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1863. He immigrated to the United States in 1889. His first major invention was Velox, a photographic 
printing paper that could be developed under artificial light. Baekeland sold the rights Velox to George Eastman and Kodak for for one million dollars in 1899. He then started his own laboratory in Yonkers, New York, where he invented Bakelite in 1907, a synthetic substitute for the shellac used in electronic insulation. Bakelite was made by mixing Carbolic Acid with FormaldehydeIn 1944, Baekeland died at the age of eighty years in Beacon, N.Y.
A Bakelite Telephone
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Ngurah Rai Airport started operations in 1931 by using a grass runway. The runway was upgraded during the years of 1941 to 1947 and lengthened to 1600 metres. It was named Tuban Airport as it was in Tuban Village. In 1949 buildings and other flight facilities were added. But it wasn't until 1963 that the International Civil Aviation Organization admitted Tuban Airport as an international airport. In the years 1965 to 1969 the runway was further lengthened to 2700 metres. This involved major works as an area of sea was reclaimed for about 1000 metres. The finishing of the runway extension was marked by the official Opening ceremony on 
August 1st 1969 by president Soeharto and was renamed Ngurah Rai Airport To accommodate the ever increasing number of passengers using the airport, the Government of Indonesia decided to increase facilities. The runway was lengthened to 3000 metres, the taxiways relocated, and the airport updated with new navigational aids and aircraft refuelling facilities.
VOA to be Axed
Presidential favourite Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) stated in a recent policy speech in Bali, if elected 
President of Indonesia in the July 5 election, he would abolish the Visa-On-Arrival. He said it is an embarrassment to Indonesia and should be changed. - Jamal
Passenger arrival
Krishna Statue outside the airport
From Sei in Japan
Guess what?? My sister got married!! She is happy now and of course so am I!! and last weekend I visited my sis and her 
husband at Saitama, just north to Tokyo. But it was really good and we had a great fun time together!!  So, what is going on there? Oh, actually my sis and brother in law will visit Bali for their honeymoon!! I introduced you (sorry without your permission), but as they have no command of English, they are reluctant.   Anyway, I am attaching their photos...... Sei
The Honymoon couple
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Wed June 9: John's mum, Nancy and John flew from Melbourne to Bali with Air Paradise. The aircraft was completely full. We arrived in DPS at 3pm. and were met by Jamal, Dede & Deni.
Air Paradise Airbus 
Welcome Dinner 
was held at Warung Sobat,  Pak Made made Nancy very welcome with a beautiful floral arrangement.
Nancy & Wiwin & flowers
Out Dancin'
We took Nancy out to Melody Kenangan (Music Memory) dance hall for a dinner and dancing, we were a group of 10.
Jamal sings &  dances w/ Nancy
Jamal and house singer Ayu
Nancy with the girls
Two old timers
Nancy Rock N' Rollin' w/ Kadek
Taking a breather
A Picnic
One Sunday we went on a picnic with Rob & Wiwin's family to the Bali Botanical Gardens at Bedugal.
Nancy has a tipple while Jamal freezes from the altitude
Lunch time
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Dede & Fendi entertain us
Elli takes the kids for a ride
Jamal with the kids
John does his party piece 
Nance with the army boys
Rob relaxing
The First Birthday Party
Friends Clive and Wendy invited us all to their Villa's fora birthday party for Nance, we swam, partied, ate a fantastic meal &  stayed the night.
One of the Delux Villa's at Clive & Wendy's Villa's Tenang
Clive & the "cellulite twins"
Oney, Putu, Dede & Jamal
Cocktail time - Dawa(manager) with Rob and Wiwin
Pak Made & One - Buffet
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Page 8 
Clive, Wendy
Andi and Ines
Robert try's the cake
Nancy and Dede
Nancy and Cake
"Happy Birthday"
Villa Tenang
Clive and Wendy from the UK, built their rental villa at  Soca in the Tabanan area. The ultimate getaway. They are are set in beautiful, lovingly tendered tropical gardens with ocean views.
Infinite swimming pool, first class food served in your villa or the 
restaurant and extensive winelist. All villa's are private and secluded with beautiful views. Explore the local area, the Balinese village, river banks and the secluded beach.
The Restaurant
A Bedroom
Clive and Wendy offer free transfers from the airport & free breakfast. An English speaking driver and mini-van is available.
Villa Tenang is located aprox. 60 km from DPS International airport and sleeps up to 10 people in luxury comfort, perfect for 2 families. Check out the website at
or contact Clive or Wendy at
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Page 9 
Nancy visits the Village
Villa Tenang is situated at the end of Antap Village, it is the only rental property in the area.
Vila Tenang 
- just up around the corner
Nancy visits the village
On the way home we lunched at Soca restaurant, nearby Tenang.
Lunch at the Soca Restaurant
Putu, Jamal, Oney, Dede (hidden) Rob, Nancy, Ines, 
Wiwin, Andi and Pak Made
The Birth Day, Jul 1
Nancy was born in Leongatha, Victoria, Australia on July 1, 1919.
Leongatha is 145 km from Melbourne, the road passing by the famed penguin parade. Nancy has lived in Leongatha all her life except
except or at time during her childhood in Shepparton and in Melbourne during WW2, whilst her husband Jack was in New Guinea in the Royal Aust. Airforce. Son John arrived in 1944, followed by Barry 1947 and Ross in 1954. She always made and designed her own clothes and in the 60's ran an importing business.
Husband Jack at the age of 19
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
The Party
7.30pm July 1: The guests arrived at Sobat. Nancy decided as it is John's 60th birthday year, she would make it a double party.
The 2 cakes
John proposes the toast 
Nancy Replies
Nancy &  Ines got together to do a "roast" on John's childhood antics.
Ines "Roasting"
"I'ts all true, you know"
Oney & Jamal lead the singing
Clive & Wendy
John & Wayan
Wiwin & Ines
Putu & Nancy
Kadek, Nancy & Wiwin
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