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November 2004
SBY Sworn in
Historic Day for Indonesia
Indonesia's Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (know locally as SBY) was sworn in as Indonesia's sixth president in Jakarta Oct. 20, 2004. 
A retired army general Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is greatly seen here as a perfect picture of Indonesian leader following his landslide 61% victory in the country's first ever direct presidential election. 
Jamal enthusiastically watches history taking place
Being the first president directly elected in the election involving over 110 million voters, Susilo's election is explicit and legitimized. Previous presidents were chosen by the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) members. 
Anti-graft pact
Indonesia's newly elected president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has told all top government officials they have to sign an anti-graft pact that includes sanctions for violations. Yudhoyono made tackling widespread corruption one of the priorities of his government when he was sworn in last week. The ministers appointed to his new Cabinet have already signed the anti-corruption pact. The president now wants officials in the top two levels of government to sign.
Meg leaves the Palace
Indonesia's outgoing President Megawati Sukarnoputri leaves the presidential palace on her last day in office in Jakarta Oct. 19, 2004.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 2 
President's new home.
Big, Old and Spooky
For many people, home is a sanctuary, a place to show their true self and seek shelter from the chaos outside. However if one lives at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, being at home means conforming to yet another set of protocols. "I could
never go out (of my room) in my nightgown" said  Yenny Zannuba Wahid, daughter of former president Abdurrahman "Gus Dur" Wahid, recalled.
Yenny Wahid
Bodyguards would always be around the corner and other staff members were likely to be nearby. "For an informal family like ours, it was a bit of a hassle," Yenny said. 
Aside from Gus Dur, founding president Sukarno was the only other head of state who resided in Merdeka Palace, the official presidential residence. 
Megawati & Sukarno 1960
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), however, has opted not to remain at his private 
residence in Cikeas, Bogor, and instead occupy the palace during his tenure. "I think it will be easier for him, coming from the military. He's used to the discipline," said Yenny. Merdeka Palace may seem like a palace out of fairy tales, immense, white and luxurious, with servants at one's beck and call. "Actually, it's not really that comfortable living there," said Yenny, who lived at the palace from 1999 to 2001. Cooking instant noodles herself for a midnight snack, was a problem no separate 
kitchen is available for family use. "We had to ask somebody to make it for us,"
Midnight Snack
loads of mosquitoes....
Still, the many trees in the vast garden made it a beautiful place for afternoon walks. "But there were loads of mosquitoes. The palace is not as luxurious as people may think. " The 2,400 sq m Merdeka Palace was built in 1873 by the Dutch administration, and has witnessed many important historic events, it is no wonder that the place is a bit spooky. "There were
lots of ghosts there," said Yenny.
Even Gus Dur's chair moved by itself and burly bodyguards did not dare sleep alone in their basement quarters. People who had seen the ghosts
Chair moved
said there were others, including a dwarf, a headless man and of course, as it was a former colonial building a Dutch lady with long blond hair in a flowing gown."My mother often held Koran recitals in the palace, so it was not so creepy," said Yenny. "But still, if we had to cross the hall at night, we sprinted across," she added with a small laugh. 
SBY Welcomes Howard
It will be curious to learn what things go bump in the night during SBY's time in the  Merdeka Palace.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 3 
Jakarta Post: The visa-on-arrival policy has discouraged foreigners from traveling to Bali, a recent survey has revealed. From the responses of 10,000 people, the survey found that more than 50% of those interviewed would not return to Bali again due to the new policy. 
50% Won't return
The survey was conducted by the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) in cooperation with the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), in response to the government's request for the tourist industry to provide "real data" on the impact of the new visa policy. The results of the survey were presented  to the State 
Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik. The visa policy restricts visa-free entry to tourists from 21 countries, down from the previous list of 60 countries. It exempts those from nine countries and two regions. The three-day visa, for US$10, and 30-day visa, for $25, are issued on arrival to nationals from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Citizens of countries not on either list must apply for a visa at the Indonesian Embassy in their respective countries. The government has said that the new policy would have little impact on the country's tourist industry and would generate more income for the state. For its survey, the BHA distributed questionnaires across 55 star-rated and luxury hotels affiliated with it, to guests as they checked in. Of 2,119 respondents who completed the questionnaires, 
99.6% require visa
99.6 percent said they required visas to enter Indonesia. According to the survey, 20 percent of all 
respondents, including 25 percent of Japanese and 31 percent of Dutch visitors surveyed, said they were disappointed with the lack of efficiency in visa service and processing. Most tourists visiting Bali are Japanese or Taiwanese. 
Airport staff discourteous
Also noticed that nearly all respondents found airport services discourteous. Around 20 to 30 percent of them knew nothing of the new visa regulations, while more than half of the Japanese The survey respondents found the airport process confusing, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website makes no mention of the new visa policy and still mentions a visa-free short-term visit of up to 60 days. 
The survey also discovered that visa processing was time consuming. Most people applying for visas at embassies abroad said it took them more than one to two full weeks to get a visa. While the set target time for processing visas at the airport is 10 minutes, the average waiting time of those surveyed was 25 minutes. For the Taiwanese, the average waiting
time at the airport was 48 minutes. More than half of the respondents said the procedure would probably deter them from returning to Indonesia. The findings were announced as Bali's tourist industry recorded a decline in source markets, particularly from Europe while, at the same time, Thailand enjoyed an increase and received 10 million visitors in 2003, as compared to 4.2 million tourists who visited Indonesia that year. 
Thailand gains
"Arrival statistics indicate the recovery of tourism in Bali," said BHA chairman Robert Kelsall. "But we are creating a precarious situation, with Bali's source markets becoming more limited as we experience declines in key source markets which historically produced quality visitors who stayed longer and consequently spent more."  The BHA recommended a push for quick and easy visa processing and the extension of visa-on-arrival facilities to countries that have historically supported Indonesian tourism, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Austria.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 4 
Two Old Troupers
Old time dance champions Ross & Ken reminisce about the good old days. "Pity we are too old to compete on the ABC's Strictly Dancing" said Ross with a heary laugh. "These modern dancers arn't a patch on Glenda Hasleblume and I, when we danced at the Adelaide Town Hall in the 60's" said Ken as he had another seven drinks.
John's Renaissance
I guess it had to happen, now in his 60's, John has decided to update his image, with a new hairstyle and Gucci T-Shirt, Ines bought from Paris. Pathetic! 
John to Australia
November 28 John will depart for Melbourne Australia, with Bali's own airline, Air Paradise. 
He will arrive at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport at 0700,  Nov 29.
The press are asked to present their accreditation at the airport press office before 6am. no interviews will be permitted. A press conference will be scheduled later in the day. We always use Air Paradise for flights to Australia 
& book through Ackerfeld & Goldberg Travel Associates.
Manager & Co-owner Wayne Ackerfeld was the first consultant Flight Centre Ltd employed over 20 years ago and has opened & managed
several shops and won many awards, including that of No: 1 Consultant Worldwide. We have been using Wayne since that time and thoroughly recommend him. Contact Wayne at +61-3-9532 4622 email:Wayne.  Don't forget to tell him, we sent you. 
Allen to Thailand
Allen Sukanjing, long time stayer from the US, has left on his annual pilgrimage to Thailand for their dry season, to avoid our upcoming wet season. A farewell party was given by Allen for himself at Sobat,
Allen being fed his last Balinese banana.
Jamal and Ines swap recipies
Pak Made - John tries for another complimentary scotch
250 gm minced steak
6 slices of bread crumbed 
1 Egg
2 cups of Parsley, finely chopped.
4 Mushrooms, finely chopped.
1/4 green pepper, finely chopped.
1 onion finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic squeezed
1 teaspoon powered beef stock
Tablespoon dried Bazil.
Tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 teaspoon of salt
Tablespoon of ground pepper.
Mix all together, form into a loaf. Oil a baking dish, brush oil over the loaf. Sprinkle on "All Spice" Bake for 40 mins in hot oven. Cool before slicing. Serve with gravy.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 5 
Wiwin in Sydney
Sydney: Gallivanting Gourmet and sometime Bali resident Ms Wiwin LaSemer, caught by the KHO news reporter Mal, dining at Doyles Seafood Circular Quay restaurant on her recent shopping spree to Sydney "I always dine here when I'm in Sydney with my husband Roberto. I particually like the roast chicken and Roberto always orders the beef steak with extra mashed potatoes" said Ms Wiwin, who went on to say "the food (at Doyles) is arguably as good as Warung Sobat in Bali, you know, John"
Surabaya Zoo
Leli, an African lioness jealously guards her four cubs in their cage at Surabaya Zoo, East Java. The zoo now boasts 14 African lions, whose population in the wild is dwindling at an alarming rate.
Jeep Update
The KHO jeep just got a new drivers side door. Well a panel beating job anyway, plus of course
a new streamlining plastic decal.
Also the jeep was fitted with a new Denso 105 decibel 12 volt, 4 amp electric horn.
Abington Briars Cottage
Foster, Victoria, Australia: Great farm holiday getaway in the beautiful South Gipsland hills. Run by KHO friends Les and Linda Brough. Spacious fully self contained cottage designed for romance with well appointed rooms, gas log fire and air-conditioning to ensure your comfort. Be prepared to be pampered here, a welcome basket, fluffy robes and slippers, locally produced toiletries, complimentary bottle of wine and chocolates. Only a a couple of hours from Melbourne by car or public bus 
and only a short 25 minutes drive to Wilsons Promontory National Park, famous for it's bush walks, flora, fauna and pristine beaches.
Features a large spa in glass walled gazebo overlooking spectacular coastal and rural views. Delicious gourmet hampers available on request. Normal tarrif A$300 per night or A$450 for 2 nights mid-week. Check out their web site.   For bookings or enquiries email
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 6 
Bali Oct. 30:  We attend the Grand Opening of the Style Group, Bar and Art Gallery, Grand opening party in Ubud.
The Gallery features a new style of art recently introduced to Bali by artist Lony Wing, called Consensism. The style takes its name from the latin "consensun" meaning peace, harmony and accord. Style Group and Bar is at Jl Hanoman 64, Padang Tegal Kelod, Ubud. Open 11am-12pm daily. Telephone +62 361 743 0784
 "Transquility" Acrl on canvas 120cm x 180cm
Sunday Night at Sobat
Over the years "Sunday Night at Sobat"  has become an institution. With the continuing success of Sobat, it has now become necessary to book. So if you're in Bali and would like to join us, please call Sobat on 73 8922 & tell them you wish to sit on our table. Here are some photo's from the October 31, sojourn.
Waiter Ketut
Anita and Geoff
Freddy and Norman
Robert, John and Frouke
Patrik, Anita and Alet
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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From Geoff Currey in Melbourne
Further to your (Oct 2004) story on the Olympic: In fact three giant ships were built for the White Star line, Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. The latter was originally to have been called Gigantic but after the loss of the Titanic, this was felt to be tempting fate and the less hubristic name used.The last of the near-identical three to be completed, the Britannic incorporated a range of safety features to address the lessons of the Titanic disaster: a double outer skin running two-thirds of the ship's length; extended watertight bulkheads fully forty feet above the waterline, all electrically operated; and pumps that could empty any compartment by means 
of a valve placed well above the waterline. There were lifeboats for all, including six of the largest ever carried on a ship, each with its own electrically operated davits. 
The Britannic Hospital Ship
The outbreak of World War I meant that the Britannic never went into passenger service but was converted into a hospital ship, capable of carrying 3,309 patients. Although in theory protected from enemy action by the Geneva Convention, just after 8.00am on Monday, 20 November 1916, the Britannic hit a mine while steaming through the Straits of Messina south of the Bay of Naples, en route to collect wounded from the campaigns in the Middle East. Despite all the added safety features,
The Britannic today
the ship sank in only 55 minutes - less than half of the time taken by the Titanic. Fortunately, of the more than 1000 persons on board, only 30 were lost. Had the ship been carrying a full compliment of wounded, the loss may have been on the scale of the Titanic. The ship sank in only 395 feet of water - far less than its own length. The wreck was investigated in August 1995 by the submarine explorer Robert Ballard (of Titanic fame) and found to be almost wholly intact. Its still there. ( Lost Liners, Allen & Uniwin, 1997)
Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Cousteau ran an expedition and was first  to locate the HMHS Britannic on Dec. 3 1975. It was lying 6.75 nautical miles from her recorded position on Admiralty 
charts, but close to where her captain reported the sinking.  Cousteau had to wait until Sep 1976 before he could dive the Britannic using commercial techniques.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News Continuing John's Memoir "From Baird to Bali"
Page 8 
Prime Minister Harold Holt's disappearance
On the 17th December 1967, I was doing audio at the Christmas Music for the People concert, when we were told, (4½ hours before the news was  released to the public) that Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt had disappeared at Cheviot beach, Portsea.  A group of management and executive 
Myer Music Bowl
technicians arrived and took one of our 3 camera's off in the stations second makeshift OB van, a
a modified VW combi van, to get live pictures from Portsea for the evening news at 6pm, when the D-notice on Holts disappearance was lifted.
PM Holt
Mr Holt and four others stopped at Cheviot Beach for a swim. A keen swimmer and snorkeller, Mr Holt 
remarked "I know this beach like the back of my hand" shortly before he entered the water. One of 
the men swam in the shallows while Mr Holt swam out to sea. But, aged 59, with a bad shoulder and fatigued from a possible leadership challenge, he was not as strong in the water as he thought. He disappeared in a savage undertow, never to be seen again. There were many wild rumours that Holt had been taken by a Russian or Chinese submarine.
Geoff's Blooper
My favourite TV story was admitted by the culprit himself, non other than Geoff Raymond. Reflecting on his long career, he said the worst moment was a live report from Cheviot Beach, reporting the disappearance of Prime Minister Harold Holt. The broadcast went on for ages. Concluding his report, he said: "So at this stage the search has come to a dead halt."
Anne Wennrick, film librarian with Jean Hanger.
Sunny Side Up
Channel 7's, longest running variety show was Sunny Side Up,
produced by Alf Spargo. Starting as the Happy Gang on radio 3DB it made a successful transition to Tv. 
Directed by Dick Jones the show was soon to become a national success.
John swings the boom on SSU
I worked on the show for many years, first as an audio assistant, then a boom pusher, microphone boom operator and finally playing tapes on the show.
Syd Heylan & Bill Collins
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 9 
The cast and crew on the 200th edition of Sunny Side Up. Foreground Director Dick Jones, 
Director's assistant Barbera Pearson, Producer Alfred Spargo. Myself circled back left.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 10 
Make a wish
Make a Wish, with Wally Peterson the compere, sponsor and owner of Webs Radio. Wally with his side kick Jim Cruise would offer 3 unfortunate down and out housewives to "Make a Wish" if they were successful they would win their prize. The show was a vehicle to promote Webs Radio who sold new television sets and offered generous trade-ins on your old set which he told us he need them for fringe area sets. 
Coin-in-the-slot Tv
But they actually became rented  coin-in- the-slot Tv's for people that couldn't afford to buy a tv set. Mr Peterson was the fringe area. Although the real reason seemed to be that the show was to promote Mr Peterson himself to stardom. He bought a luxury boat originally 
owned by the late radio quiz star Jack Davey. The boat was called the Webray and was constantly being used in promotional gimmicks. The shows were dreadful, Mr Peterson had little talent, but surrounded himself with a group of yes men who kept telling him he was the greatest star of all. He also had a morning radio program - he was everywhere, well for only a few months until his entire empire collapsed and he died the following year. 
Tell the Truth
Compered by first by George Foster then by Michael Williamson, Tell The Truth, produced by Rosalie Stephenson, it was a Celebrity panel game show based on a US original in which the panel team had to guess which one of a trio of contestants was actually telling the truth about a given statement. Concluding by the real person to please stand up. The show ran from 1959-1965.
Kevin Dennis
The show was later sponsored by Kevin Dennis Motors and often featured Dennis Gowing alias Kevin Dennis on the show. Mr Gowings chain of used car yard was 
probably the largest sponsor of television Melbourne has ever seen. Dennis Gowing went on the become a successful restaurateur.
In 1985 he was part owner of racehorse, "What a Nuisance"  that won the Melbourne Cup. Ridden by Pat Hyland, the horse won with  the odds of 15/1. That year was the 
first time the Melbourne Cup boasted a first prize of one million Australian dollars.
I am indebted to Dennis Gowing,  he was one of the first people who gave me work making Tv commercials, that helped me establish my Tv production company, Gable Summertime, which I ran for 27 years before retiring to Bali.
The Galloping Gourmet
Graham Kerr taped the first series of national television cooking programs "The Galloping Gourmet" in the
Melbourne studios of HSV-7.
Mr Kerr was just starting out and it was painfully obvious that he was working on a very tight budget. The series of 13 shows were taped in rapid succession. "Keep rolling" he would call as the operators barely had time to change tapes.
Kerr in action
The actual cooking took second place over his comedy antics. He often put far too much spice or wine in a dish, anything for for a laugh. Tv crews will eat just about anything - especially if it is free. Often Mr Kerr's creations were untouched by the crew - the food was inedible. 
To be continued ............
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