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October 2004
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
In a landslide victory 60% - 40% Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (known in Indonesia as SBY) defeated Megawati Sukarnoputri in the first ever, free Indonesian Presidential election, which went smoothly and without a hitch. 
Howard to Visit
Australia: Newly re-elected Australian Prime Minister John Howard, the self proclaimed deputy sheriff for Geo. W Bush in Asia, will attend the inauguration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta on October 20. Nice to see that John Howard had finally looked at a map and realized Indonesia is Australia's nearest neighbour and not the USA. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has announced he will visit Australia later in the year.
SBY Profile
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, also known by his initials SBY, has an image as a man of integrity, 
a strong communicator and firm leader in times of crisis. Mr Yudhoyono is probably best known internationally for his leading role in Indonesia's fight against terrorism in the wake of the Bali bombing in 2002. In the 1980s Yudhoyono studied in the U.S., gaining an MA in business management from Webster University. He was Indonesia's Chief Military Observer in Bosnia in 1995-96. He later held territorial commands in Jakarta and in southern Sumatra. He was appointed Chief of the Armed Forces Social and Political Affairs Staff (Kassospol Abri) in 1997, and was known in the media as "the thinking general." He retired from 
active service on April 1, 2000. He is expected to receive a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Bogor Institute of Agriculture in 2004. Yudhoyono has fond memories of the US. "I love the United States, with all its faults. I consider it my second country," the international Herald Tribune quoted him as saying last year.
Indonesia's new first family
SBY was appointed Minister for Mines in the government of President Abdurrahman Wahid in 2000. He was soon promoted to Minister for Security and Political Affairs. One of his tasks was to get the army out of politics.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Australian Consul General closed in Bali
Following the attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on Sept. 9, the Australian Consulate in Renon, Denpasar is closed. 
Jakarta Bomb
The Consulate is operating emergency services from an undisclosed building in a small lane in Sanur. +62 361 28 5321. Visa services are not available until further notice. The Consul is
Brent Hall
looking for new premises in a far more secure location. Consul General, Brent Hall says the Consulate should reopen before Christmas.
Australian's Targeted
A terror group linked to al Qaeda has purportedly taken responsibility for the car bombing in Jakarta which killed at least nine people and injured more than 180. An Islamic Web site,, has posted a statement attributed to Jemaah Islamiya, the Southeast Asian arm of al Qaeda, claiming the attack as a suicide operation against Australian interests. The blast occurred in central Jakarta just meters outside the heavily fortified gates of the Australian embassy. 
"We decided to settle accounts with Australia, one of the worst enemies of God and Islam ...  "We advise all Australians in Indonesia to leave, or we will make it a grave for them, God willing," the statement added, while advising the Australian government to pull out of Iraq.
Record Numbers Arrive in Bali
Despite all the fear publicity, tourists are arriving in Bali in droves. The Australia September school holiday period was particularly busy. All flights from Australia were fully booked out. Friends Ian, Mandy and their 3 boys were forced to fly via Malaysia as there were no seats on the direct Australian run.
The Harvey family in Bali
Many Australian friends told Ian and Mandy they were mad to come to Bali. Once here, they felt perfectly safe and had a great time.
...... full story below
Warung Sobat
Our favourite Bali restaurant Warung Sobat continues to be full every night, even after the European tourist season. Bookings essential +62 361 73 8922
Ines returns from Europe
Ines proudly displays her 48 page Visa bill she ran up whilst in Europe, with her partner Andi. For 3 weeks, they toured 5 countries in a rented Citroen limousine.  Ines was quoted as saying that she put on 8 kilos whilst away& took off an equal amount off her gold reserves. Andi also put on 3 kilos during the
European Junket. He now plans to diet on Steaks, hamburgers, chips and double banana pancakes.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Alice May Symons
September 20: Born to Carolyn and John's nephew Trenton, at Francis Perry House, Carlton  a tiny 4 lbs 13.5 oz girl Carolyn and baby are both well. 
Mom and baby doing well
Proud father Trenton
Jamal's 38th Birthday
September 30: We all gathered at Warung Sobat for Jamal's 38th birthday. Jamal's mum and 3 sisters came up from Bandung for the occasion. Brother Deni was also there as he has been living with us. 24 attended including friends Ian, Mandy & family from Australia. Jamal had a great time.
Jamal's family in Bali
The birthday party at Sobat
Another Cat at the KHO
Jamal found yet another stray kitten outside Warung Sobat, naturally he had to save the poor thing, He has named it Sinta.
Looking for new home, 1 barely used kitten. Has playful personality, doesn't eat much. Toilet trained, well behaved. People friendly.
Only Rp 500 
Call Jamal at the KHO
Graft at Sobat?
Why is Pak Made handing a wad of cash money to John. Could it be corruption? No-way this is Indonesia.
Deni Helps Out
Deni came up from Bandung to help out while we had the Harvey's staying from Melbourne. Here Deni cooks a huge wok of Nasi Goring. Deni returned home with Jamal's family after a month at the KHO.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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The Harvey's in Bali
Sept/Oct: Old friend Ian Harvey & family spent 3 weeks at the KHO.
Mitchell with Jamal
Simon, Nicholas & Jamal
With the sellers in Kuta
Simon feeds the monkeys
Election de-brief with Rob
Arriving on Gili Trawangan
Drinks with Norman
Shopping at Sukawati
Jamal does a tattoo for Mitchell
Last sunset on the KHO balcony
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Quake hits Bali
DENPASAR Sept 15: An earthquake killed at least one person and injured two others on Wednesday on Bali, hospital staff and residents said. A construction worker died in the hospital of severe head injuries after falling from the building he was working on in the Balinese capital of Denpasar. AFP. The quake, measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale, occurred at 4:35 p.m. local time and was felt strongly on the neighbouring resort island of Lombok, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) said. "Its epicentre was seven kilometres southwest of Denpasar at the depth of 80 kilometres," 
At the KHO
We knew something was in the wind. The KHO earthquake detector activated 3 times on the day before, then twice again on the day before the 4.35 quake hit.
The chandelier in the KHO reception area shook violently and tinkled like a wind chime.
No damage was done. The detector recorded another 2 small tremors the following day. Now things have settled down.
Detector Modification
The KHO Earthquake detector has been modified yet again. 
Now it sports a digital/analogue clock for accurately determining time of an earthquake or tremor. The clock was modified with green internal LED lighting which glows in the dark.
Rim of Fire
Bali is on the" Pacific Rim of Fire" the worlds most active earthquake and volcanic area. Through recorded history 100's of thousands have been killed by Geophysical disasters.
1994 Tsunami 
An earthquake of magnitude  7.6 occurred off the southeast coast of Java Island, Indonesia, at 0117, June 3, 1994. The epicentre was at 240 km from the nearest coast. 
Geophysical Deaths
Year Dead
1815 92,000 Tambora mountain  Sumbawa 10,000 killed 82,000 by starvation.
1883 36,417 Krakatau erupts.
 Gunung Agung
The shock was felt in east Java and Bali, but only awakened 15% of the inhabitants. No earthquake damage was reported. However 50 mins after the main shock, a large tsunami struck southeast Java and southwest Bali, causing serious damage. In total, 223 persons died,  400 were injured, and over 1000 houses were destroyed. The villages of Pancer and Lampon, where some of the most severe 
Pancer - Fishing boat deposited at the crest of a sea wall. 
damage occurred, were built on sand bars; small rivers run behind them, sandwiching them between the coastline and the river channel. Under normal conditions, this allows for the mooring of fishing boats behind the villages during storms. However, it also allowed for overland flow during the tsunami attack. Tsunami height was registered at 4 meters in Bali, causing little damage.
Lampon - View of the first row of houses near the beach. 
Rajekwesi - View of the beach looking south. The concrete floor slabs are the only remnants of houses. 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Hatten's first Decade
The pioneering winery owned by Balinese native, Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, got its humble start in 1994 by breaking all the rules that govern wine making. Their first Rosé was made with the unconventional Alphonse-Lavalle table grapes endemic to Bali's north coast. Wine experts usually between sips of Hatten's Rosé will insist wine simply can't be made from this particular grape. Continually increasing sales of this popular wine suggest the contrary to be the case. Located in the heart of Sanur, Hatten's Winery has been at work for a decade bringing Bali's hotels and restaurants a taste of Bali in its gradually increasing range of popular wines. A visit to the coastal plains of North Bali will take you to vast planted areas where the grape vines are all trained into mile after
mile of pergolas. In addition to providing shade to the vineyard's workers, this system also reduces the risk of diseases and sunburn on the grapes - all contributing to a better fruit quality and a better tasting wine. Bali's tropical climate makes for the unique character of local winemaking; grapes are continually harvested from evergreen vines and wine can be produced in several vintages all year long. Since 1999, Hatten's have also produced wine from the Belgia White Grape, a member of the Muscat family. Alphonse-Lavalle Grapes Hatten's wine produced from Alphonse-Lavalle grapes consists of the delicate medium dry Rosé, Hatten's first product. Made from the same grape there's also Jepun - created methode champenoise - resulting in a Sparkling Rosé. The surprising Alphonse-Lavalle grapes also produce a young red wine, Hatten's AGA. Belgia Grapes In 2002, using Belgia white grapes, Hatten introduced AGA White a fruity dry white wine together with Tunjung- a dry Sparkling White wine and Alexandria - a bronze medal winner in 2003 London Wine & Spirit competition in the 
category for semi-sweet wine. Hatten's also produces a limited edition of fortified wine using Methode Pineau des Charentes marketed under the label Pino Bali - available in Red and White versions. Hatten's Wines 10th anniversary. Something worth popping a cork or two to celebrate! 
New ship for East Timor
Jakarta Post: Indonesia's largest shipyard, state-run PT PAL in Surabaya, has won an international tender to build a passenger and car ferry for East Timor.
PT PAL 500 pax passenger ship
The German government would provide financing for the construction of the vessel through the German Development Bank, the bank said. The cost of the extension of harbour facilities at three landing sites and the construction of maintenance facilities would amount to 5.7 million euros (about US$7 million). 
PT PAL Shipyard - Surabaya
The ferry is to ply a route between the capital of Dili, Oecussi and Atauro island and transport up to 300 passengers & vehicles. 
The ferry would been a boon to the inhabitants of Oecussi who preferred to travel by sea to Dili rather than use roads safety reasons, the bank said. The service would also be affordable and would help encourage economic development and alleviate poverty. East Timor consists of 4 land areas East Timor, the enclave of Oecussi and 2 islands Atauro and Jaco.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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Improve FM Reception
Yes improve your FM radio reception with this simple, low cost antenna made from easily obtainable 300 ohm television antenna ribbon cable.
The completed antenna is best hung on a wall or picture rail.  The antenna is directional, try one wall & then the other for best reception.
You will need
3-5 meters of cable
A pair of wire snips, scissors will do
Electrical tape, selotape is ok
Ruler or tape measure
Cut one piece of cable to exactly 59 inches, this allows 1 inch each end of the antenna for connecting the cable. Use the cable left over for your lead-in to the radio. (A),(B) Strip the antenna cable 1 inch at each end. Half way along cut the antenna cable as in diagram (C) strip the lead in cable and connect one end to (C) and the other (D) end to your radio's 300 ohm terminals. Tune into the weakest station and experiment with the positioning of the antenna. If you have a tile roof, you could mount the antenna in the roof cavity.
One of the great delights when visiting Bali, is to try the coffee. Bali coffee has a rich aroma and is usually served black with lots of sugar. Bali coffee was first planted in the 19th century during the golden era of the Klungkung kingdom. The plantations cover 3 regencies in Bali, start from Tabanan, Singaraja and Bangli.
There are basically 2 kinds of coffee grown in Bali. Robusta and Arabica. The coffee beans are harvested twice a year  between Jul /Aug and Feb/Mar. After harvest the coffee is dried traditionally spread out on cement in the sun for 1-2 weeks. After storing for at least a year, the coffee is roasted for 20-30 minutes, then ground, ready to enjoy.
Dede returns home
Dede cooking breakfast
Dede, Jamal's nephew, who has been staying at the KHO for 2 months will return home to Bandung on Sept. 3.
Holidays,  Nov 14, 15,16 2004
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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It is not widely known that the Titanic which sank on it's maiden voyage in 1912, had a sister ship the Olympic.
The Olympic, was built beside the Titanic in Belfast. Construction took around 3 years. There were many subtle differences between Olympic and Titanic. The most obvious was the enclosure of the forward
promenade on Titanic's 'A' deck. Making each vessel look unique. The Olympic was launched October 20th, 1910 was especially painted white to aid photographers to get the best publicity shots.
Olympics first four trips across the Atlantic were trouble-free, but on Sept 20th, 1911, on the 5th voyage to New York, with Titanic's future master, E.J. Smith in command, she collided with  H.M.S. Hawke. Nobody was injured,  the damage to Olympic was so severe that it took workers two weeks just to patch the damaged hull enough to allow the liner to return to Belfast for 6 weeks of repair. After the sinking of the Titanic in April, 1912, the White Star Line, desperate to be seen to be doing the 'right thing', returned Olympic to Belfast for several modifications, more lifeboats, enough for everybody and the hull was given another layer of steel, making a double hull.
At the outbreak of war the Olympic carried on, but the passengers numbers crossing the Atlantic dropped off. By the end of 1914 the White Star Line decided retire the ship until after the war. In late 1915, the Admiralty commissioned her to be used as a fast troop transport carrying up to 7,000 soldiers. She was stripped of all her luxurious fittings, and painted in her famous 'dazzle paint', which made it harder for enemy range finders to get an accurate fix on the Olympic.
Olympic in 'dazzle paint'
After the war the White Star line gave the Olympic a  $2.5million refit, she was converted to burn oil, a lot more efficient than coal and needed 300 less crew.
Old Reliable' returned to the Atlantic run for 16 years. In 1935 she was finally retired & scrapped.
The magnificent lounge
1st class cabin
1st class cabin plan
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
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R.M.S.Olympic Facts
Gross tonnage: 45,324 (1911), 46,349 (1913) Length: 882 feet Width: 92 feet Draft: 34 feet Machinery: Steam triple-expansion 
1st class Dining room
engines geared to triple screw Speed: 21 knots Capacity: 1,054 1st, 510 2nd, 1,200 3rd  Built:Harland and Wolff Limited, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1911 Demise: Partially scrapped in 
Postcard c1930
Jarrow, 1935, completed in  Inverkeithing, Scotland, 1937 The Olympic and the Titanic cost around US$400 million each to build in today's money, roughly the price of 2 new, soon to be
Final scrapping 1937
released Airbus 380's. The Olympic crossed the atlantic in 4 days, carrying 2055 passengers, in the same time the new 555 seat Airbus 380 could carry over 7,000 PAX across the Atlantic, far cheaper.
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