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The KHO News is published monthly
1 USD=Rp10,400  1 AUD=Rp 7,500
October 2005
The morning after, Made a Balinese waiter at Kerti, Padang Bai,
 puts on a brave face. He only knows too well, what could be next.
The Balinese are wondering why? How can such a terrible act happen again on their beautiful island. Have they offended the Gods?, Is it a sign from the Gods?  What have they done wrong?
The answers they may never know, however one thing is for certain, they defiantly know what will happen next. Unemployment, motor bikes repossession and not enough to eat.
As we all know the Balinese have been through hell over the past years as a result in the dramatic drop in tourism, after the first Bali Bomb. Now they may have to face it all  over again, however this time the effect, hopefully may not be as great. After this horrendous event how can we honestly advertise it's safe to come back. It's not really safe and everybody knows it.
But is it safe anywhere? 
This time the Indonesian Government will hopefully make a concerted effort to permanently increase the security in the tourist areas. Baggage and vehicle checks must be made at the two seaports connecting Bali to Java and Bail to Lombok to make sure no bombs ever enter Bali again. 
Current information is that the airlines are not receiving a rush of cancellations. 
We hope people will continue to come to Bali and that the people of Bali will not suffer again.
We were in Padang Bai
We left Saturday morning for a weekend at our favourite get-a-way Padang Bai, along with friends Ines, Geoff, Rob, Wiwin and their friends Gemma and Kate from Sydney. Gemma celebrated her 22nd birthday on Sunday and we planned a birthday eve party in Kerti Restaurant. 
Around 9 o'clock friend Rocky, on the next table received a call on his handphone saying there was a bomb in Kuta. Step by step the news came through and an air of gloom settled on the restaurant.
Minutes before the news
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 2 
JAKARTA (JP) Oct. 1: The Indonesian government announced early on Saturday that the prices of fuels for domestic consumption raised in an average of 126%. Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy Aburizal Bakrie announced that premium gasoline was raised from Rp 2,400 to Rp 4,500 (23 U.S. cents to 44 U.S. cents, AUD 60 cents) per litre 
AU 60 cents per litre
while diesel is raised from Rp 2,100 to Rp 4,300 (AUD 57c) per litre. Kerosene, mostly used by poor families, was raised almost three-fold from Rp 700 to Rp 2,000 (AUD 26 cents) per litre. 
The price of fuel in Indonesia is still one of the cheapest in the world, due to the government fuel subsidy initiated by the Soeharto regime. Rising oil prices are crippling the government's budget, the subsidy accounting for 30% of expenditure. Raising petrol prices in Indonesia has always been a political hot potato since President Soeharto was forced by the IMF to raise the price the price 7 years ago, 
resulting in his resignation. The government will provide cash to poor families as compensation. The increase, a sensible long term move will no doubt fuel inflation. 
Bali Bomb II Motive?
Some people are saying the Saturday night Bali bomb attack was related to the governments 126% fuel price hike announced at midnight friday. In an attempt to bring down President Susilo Bambang Yudiono and his government. It is true the country was shocked by the amount of the fuel hike, originally rumoured to be 50%. Due to the threat of trouble the Indonesian Army was out in force patrolling the streets, especially in Denpasar on Saturday. If there were protests and trouble, it was though it would be in Jakarta or one of the poorer provinces. 
No trouble at all was expected in Bali, however if there was, it would be in the streets of Denpasar at the Government offices.
Being a domestic issue no one expected there would be any trouble in the tourist areas, let alone another bomb attack.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's successful ABC Asia Pacific, re-broadcast on 158 cable channels throughout 
Get rid of it!
Asia, is to be sold by tender by the Australian Howard Government.
A condition of the tender, is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have the right to instruct the new owner not to broadcast material considered against Australia's interests.
The service was initiated by DFAT under Alexander Downer, after Howard sold off Keating's  "AustraliaTv" to the Seven network who later closed it down due to lack of advertising sales. The two contenders for the tender are the incumbent ABC and SKY, partly owned by Kerry Packer,
At the KHO we are horrified by the news. Imagine the tabloid style, sensationalist news the SKY organization would present to the region. Australia would become the laughing stock of the Asia-Pacific.
KHO News
Happy Birthday - Jamal
Sept 30: Jamal's big day was celebrated by a group of friends at an afternoon garden party. Jamal is now officially the ripe old age of 38 years.
But actually Jamal is 39. It seems an Indonesian government official noted his year of birth as 1967 when it was actually 1966. Apparently it cannot be changed.
New KHO Gallery
A set of 10 old photo's of Bali and Indonesia, selected from last months and this months Bali Primer feature have been hung in the main dining room of the KHO.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 3 
Garden Clean-up
Jamal's grand nephew, Dede from Bandung (front) and Luke from Lombok give the KHO garden a clean up.
New Subscribers
Kate and Gemma from Sydney
The KHO welcome new subscribers Gemma and Kate from Sydney Australia. Also this month we welcome Stephen Morton from Australia and Eric Lim Fung who found us on the internet. We hope you all enjoy....  Subscribe 
Jamal's Renaissance
Jamal spends a lot of time painting - he has even sold a few. Recently he changed his hand to sketching with coloured pencil with some very interesting results.
KHO Recipe Book
A collection of Chef's recipe's from the Kerobokan Home Office kitchen published over the years in the KHO News. 
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New Tv Antenna
The KHO now has a new hi-gain 
UHF antenna.  Bali has 13 Tv channels all are on the UHF band, except the government national channel TVRI on VHF.
The crazy thing in Bali is while the majority of station transmitters are on the hill in Nusa Dua, 2 are in Denpasar and another in the west.
Bali Tv Reception
 Global Tv
 Metro Tv
 Trans Tv
 TVRI (Bali)
 Bali Tv
*Effective radiated power
Also available in Bali is Indovision, satellite pay Tv service.
Prior to the last decade, television in Indonesia consisted of only the government channel, Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI). The channel can be seen all over Indonesia and is relayed via satellite to the terrestrial stations. Indonesia was the 3rd country in the world to have a satellite, when Palapa was launched in 1976. In 1988, the first private television station began broadcasting, Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) which over the last 10 years has been joined by Indosiar, Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV), ANTeve, Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (TPI), Global TV, TV 7, Lativi, Trans TV and Bali TV. The latest, Metro TV, features frequent news and foreign programming. Thus, Indonesian viewers have one government station and a good selection of private television stations.
Bali Tv
In the early 2000's, Bali gained a local Tv station known as Bali Tv, the station   F
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 4 
features Balinese language culture, music, drama, Balinese ceremonies, local events and news.
Cold Beer Essentials
Dede reloads the garage bar fridge after a new beer delivery. Currently a large bottle costs A$1.16 if bought by the crate from Bintang Brewery.
Bintang Beer is a locally brewed version of Heineken, a pilsner-style lager at 5% alcohol. 
Kuta Bomb Hoax
Aug 31: Police evacuated the Kuta Paradiso Hotel while bomb squad officers removed a device containing a timing device, batteries, charcoal powder but no explosive materials. Both President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Bali's Police Chief Pastika have called on the public to increase their security awareness.
Random Urine Tests
Sept 4: The head of the Bali Anti-Narcotics squad, Bambang Sugiarto, denied Australian press 
reports that visitors in local pubs and night spots would be subjected to random urine tests. While regular surprise visits on local nights spots checking for illegal drug possession as part of a general crack down on narcotics in Bali will continue, urine testing would be reserved for people suspected of illicit drug use.
Airport Arrest
Aug 26: Bali's Airport Police, acting on a tip from Jakarta, apprehended an Iranian man as he was waiting to board a Garuda Indonesia flight to New Zealand using a falsified French passport. The fake passport ring traces back to a syndicate in Bangkok where the arrested Iranian obtained the illegal passport for around US$1000, before travelling overland to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and taking a ferry to Batam, Island Indonesia.
Bali Airport Parking Hike
Bali Airport Parking
Bali's airport, has introduced a progressive parking fee structure effective from September 1, 2005 
The higher parking costs will, only be felt by people who leave their vehicles parked for more than one hour. 
New Parking Rates
1 hr
VOA Take - Down 30%
Bali received a record number of tourists in August 2005 - The authorities hailing the success of the Visa on Arrival (VOA) changes, however they were in for a big shock when they finally tallied the accounts. It appears more people are staying for a shorter period and opting for the new 1 week (previously 3 day) $10 US VOA, resulting in a loss of US$910,000 a decrease of just over 30%. This is a gloomy picture not only for the revenue collectors but for hotels and restaurants who are wondering where their patrons are, when record arrival figures are being posted.
Aug x
 $25 VOA
 $10 VOA
VOA Revenue $2.9M $2M  -30%
Bali Cans Geo-power
A formal decision by Bali's provincial parliament rejecting the planned operation of a geothermal power generation project by Bali Energy Limited (BEL) has put the future of the Bedugul-based power plant in serious jeopardy. In recent months, various religious, environmental and community groups have vociferously stated their opposition to the project leading to the most recent rejection of the project by the Bali's local parliament. 
The Bedugul project is located about 60 kilometres northwest of Denpasar where geothermal energy potential has been explored by BEL, a joint venture company formed with local investors and California Energy and a joint-operating contract with the State Energy Company Pertamina and the National Electricity Board (PLN). Preliminary work on the F
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 5 
power generation project is estimated to have cost in excess of US$50M, spent to determine the viability of producing power from steam generated from bore holes  deep into the earth's surface.
Best Value Bali Eats
Warung Sobat: Jl Batu Belig Balinese, Indonesia & Western. mains Rp20k+ reasonably priced wine, local & import. 73 8922
Warung Italy: Jl Kunti, arguably the best ravioli in Bali Rp19k. Italian mixed buffet. 500ml carafe wine Rp45k Cappuccino/Expresso coffee
Bali Drug Crack Down
The Presidentially mandated "zero tolerance policy" for drugs use in Indonesia has resulted in 267 arrests (249 cases) in Bali for the period Jan-Jul 2005. 15 of those arrests involved foreigners.
Police Chief Pastika estimates a 33% rise in foreigners arrested for illicit drug use by the end of the 2005.
No Kissing Please
A big scandal broke last week in Indonesia when a soldier departing from Ache under the new peace accord publicly kissed his girlfriend goodbye and was snapped by the media who came to cover the troop withdrawals. Public kissing, a dangerous act in Ache where there is now Sharia law and  could theoretically end in the public stoning of the soldier and the girl.
Citizenship rules revision
The House of Representatives is now working on the revision of the Citizenship Law which stipulates that children automatically take the father's citizenship, the wife cannot claim custody of the children after a divorce because of her different nationality, and must be sponsored
by her husband should she wish to live in Indonesia. An Indonesian husband can easily revoke his sponsorship of his wife and force her out of the country, leaving her children behind.
Foreign mothers often get their children out to Singapore and then onwards to other countries, sometimes with little more than the clothes they stand up in. 
Crash Week
Mon Sep 5: A Mandala Airlines Boeing 737 crashed seconds after takeoff from Polonia Airport in Medan, killing 149 people.
Mandala Air Boeing 737
Mandala Airlines was founded in April 1969 and is 90% owned by the Indonesian Army's Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad). Before the crash it had a fleet of 15 
aircraft - 13 Boeing 737-200s, two Boeing 737-400s and a Boeing 727, and earlier this year ordered another five new generation 737's. The airline serves 16 domestic routes and employs about 1,300 people. Compensation in this instance does not even begin to touch the lower limits of a major Western carrier's payouts. Payment for death or disability is only about US$5,000 and for treatment to injuries payments up to US$2,500. 
Mandala Crash
The doomed aircraft was nearly 25 years old. It's first livery after leaving the Boeing factory was as Lufthansa D-ABHK in 1981. In 1994 it changed ownership twice, first as Tunisair TF-ABY, then finally as Mandala Airlines PK-RIM. It had flown more than 50,000 hours and had a full service in June.    F
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 6 
Tue Sep 6: A Mandala aircraft  returned to Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta after 10 minutes in the air due to glitches with landing gear warning lamps.
Wed Sep 7: A Garuda Indonesia plane made an emergency landing at Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport in Pekan Baru, Riau. No casualties.
Thu Sep 8: A Batavia Air Boeing 737-200 plane from Jakarta to Medan made an emergency stop on Thurs at Palembang Airport, en route to Batam on Thursday, but all 113 people on board were unharmed say reports. The Batavia Air representative in Palembang, Venny Pontoh, said the plane landed in Palembang at 11 a.m. for minor repairs to its air-conditioning system. Batavia Air sent a replacement plane to fly all but one of the passengers, who refused to continue the flight to Batam a couple of hours later.
Batavia Air Boeing 737-200
Fri Sep 9: A light aircraft belonging to Dirgantara Air Service crashed in Samarinda.
Sat Sep 10: An aircraft operated by PT Lion Air, which had left Makassar, South Sulawesi for Manado, North Sulawesi was diverted to another airport on Saturday due to heavy rain.
Lion Air Douglas MD80
Wed Sep 14: A packed Garuda Airbus A-330 travelling from Bali to Brisbane, Australia, was 90 minutes into the flight when a problem occurred in the left engine. The pilot immediately returned to Bali where he made a safe emergency landing. 
Garuda Airbus A330
Passengers were accommodated in 2 hotels and returned safely to Brisbane the next day.
Government Action
Following the Sep 2, 2005, fatal crash of a Mandala Airlines Boeing 737 in Medan. The house of Representatives (DPR) has called on Minister of Communications, M. Hatta Rajasa, to take 5 urgent steps to enhance the safety of the public on Indonesian domestic flights.
Surprise Inspection
In a much publicized surprised inspection of aircraft led by Minister Hatta (right) at Jakarta's main airport on Sat. Sept. 10, 
2005, five Boeing 737-200 aircraft operated by domestic carriers were grounded for failing to address mechanical problems affecting the plane's airworthines. 
Checks every 2 months?
Minister Hatta announced that his department will increase the frequency of ramp checks on all aircraft from once every four months to a new schedule of once every two months, with the results of air safety audits to be reported to the House of Representatives.
Bad Luck
Australian analyst Gerard Frawley, editor of the Australian Aviation magazine, said "Indonesia has had more than its fair share of crashes over the past decade, considering that its aviation industry is not unusually large, although we have to be careful drawing conclusions because a country can easily have a run of bad luck."
Sep 12: Wings Air passengers were baffled on Monday when the aircraft that took them from Jakarta landed in a deserted airport after the cabin crew announced they were arriving in Padang. 
A Wings Air MD 80
They had accidentally landed at the old Padang airport which was closed on July 21, following the opening of the F
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 7 
new Minangkabau International Airport. An airport spokesman said "A passenger used his or her mobile phone when the aircraft was ready to land," - presumably disrupting the navigation system.
"I Flew with Wings"
Well known Bali Ex-pat and intrepid globetrotter Geoff, flew with Wings Air from Bali to Lombok last year. "The flight over and back was 
on time, I would recommend Wings to anyone - especially because they are so very cheap!"
Wings no longer fly to Lombok..Ed
"I'll Never 
Fly Domestic Again"
Avid KHO News reader and Bali resident Ines, was contacted by KHO News for her opinion on the recent spate of air accidents.
Ines said "I'll never fly domestic airlines again - next time I  go to Jakarta on business, I will go with Singapore Airlines from Bali to Singapore then down to Jakarta. - 
I know it's expensive but worth it and you know John, they actually have 1sr class and free drinks"
Seminyak Fire
A fire in Darto Bungalow, infront of The Villas was thought to be started by an electrical fault. The flames quickly spread across the thatched roofs, destroying 7 units at Villa Jerami.  No injuries were reported.
KHO: Our street dog and house guard Tinny was injured last week, we have no idea what happened, but she looked like she had been hit by a car or motorbike and suffered many cuts.  As Tinny doesn't really have an owner, a collection was taken up amongst the neighbours to pay her quite considerable veterinarian bill. Tinny was out of action for over two weeks, for a while it was thought she may have to be put down, she has made a full recovery and is back on duty guarding our street.
Sept. 10: We arrived in Padang Bai for friend Luke to take the ferry back to Lombok only to find a Lombok Ferry had beached it's self the previous thursday night. Apparently there was a very high sea, water even washed into our hotel, the ferry captain lost control and the ferry was washed high and dry out of the channel. The Ferry was fully loaded with buses, cars and trucks, many containing perishable food which was eagerly retrieved by the locals. 
Ferry Departs for Lombok
The ferry's have to turn around after loading in a very small channel area, a heavy sea would make that difficult.
Luke was unperturbed and bravely took the 2am ferry to Lombok. He arrived at dawn and took the 3 hr bus ride to his fathers house at Bangsal in the north.
Before Luke departed, we had a pleasant dinner at the Kerti Ocean View restaurant where head waiter Komang looked after us well as usual F
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 8 
Ferry Salvaged
Later KHO News learned from locals that the ferry was removed 6 days later, they tried many times on the 5th day, with no success, then the local Hindu community created a special ceremony to remove demons from the ship. After hours of mass devotion,  the ferry moved effortlessly from the sand bank. 
Faith may move a mountain, but it defiantly can move a ferry.......Ed.
Birds nesting in our bamboo at the KHO front garden.
Andi Arrives in Bali
Ines' friend Andi arrived back in Bali mid September on school holidays from cooking school he is attending in Singapore. Andi says he loves Singapore, the shopping is fabulous, loves the night life, his ritzy apartment and he especially likes their nice blue taxi's.
Brad & Denny in NZ
Friends Bradley and Denny took a long weekend in New Zealand last week. Photo at Mt Ruapehu.
Bali Fried Chicken
1 Chicken Chicken stock
1 Brown Onion Flour
4 Cloves Garlic Bread Crumbs
1 egg Cooking Oil
Curry Powder Salt & Pepper
Cut onion-garlic into small slices and fry gently in cooking pot until 
onions are clear with minimum oil. Cut Chicken in half and lay on bottom of the 
pot, add 1 cup of chicken stock. Simmer/steam for 20 mins., turning at 10 mins. Set chicken aside. Allow stock to cool, put in blender with an egg, add curry powder, salt & pepper to taste. Cut chicken into serving pieces, dip in flour,  in egg mixture,  in bread crumbs and fry. Serve with lemon and salad.
Italian Spinach in Bali?
In Indonesia you can't find spinach as we know it in the west, however you can find its cousin Bayam, or Chinese spinach, the vegetable is high in protein & vitamins and sells for around AUD 10 cents a bunch.
Trim leaves from the stalks, wash, place in pot with some salted water only to the level of the top of the Bayam, cook for 10 mins. Drain in colander and pour over cold water, squeeze out the excess water by hand. Heat some olive oil in a pan and gently fry the bayam - serve hot or cold as Italian salad.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 9 
Bali's Home Airline, Air Paradise International has just taken delivery of a second Airbus A300 B4 622R, construction number 667, aircraft registration number PK-KDP The aircraft is being used on the Australian run to supplement AP's 3 aircraft 2 x A-310 and a A-300B4. Like all Air Paradises aircraft, the new aircraft is being leased, this time from International Lease Finance Corporation owned by The American International Group Insurance, USA. Monthly leasing costs are around US$400,000, or $13,300 per day for the aircraft.
First flight 1992
The aircraft first flew on Dec 3, 1992 at the Airbus factory, after tests  it was delivered to Air Paradise's arch rival Garuda on Feb 03. 1993 Indonesia, registered as PK-GAT.
667 as Garuda PK-GAT 
The aircraft flew with Garuda for 4½ years until June 18 1997 it was returned to ILFC and re-leased to China Airlines of Taiwan where it flew 8 years as registration N8888B. 
667 as China Air N8888B
Aug 2005 667 was leased to Air Paradise International. All Air Paradise's aircraft are maintained by SIAEC (Singapore International Airlines Engineering Co).
Boeing 787 for Garuda
National flag carrier PT Garuda Indonesia is buying 28 new aircraft from the U.S. jet-maker Boeing Co. in a contract worth US$2 billion. In the deal, Garuda will buy 10 Boeing 787-Dreamliners, instead of six Boeing 777s as in previous contracts, and 18 Boeing 737-New Generations to replace older types of Boeing 737s. 
The Dreamliners, which can accommodate 240 passengers each, will be delivered between 2011 and 2013. The state-of-the-art aircraft can fly non-stop for 8,500 nautical miles. Garuda posted a net loss of Rp 811.3 billion last year, its first loss since 1998, and way off 2003's Rp 2.81 billion net profit. Garuda is currently negotiating debit rescheduling with European Credit Agencies, its largest group creditor, to which the airline owes more than US$500 Million.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Home Handyman
Do you own a hotel with dozens of Tv's and the guests are always reprogramming the channels? 
Here is a simple solution.
Just have a technician open the remote controls and place a small square of cello tape between the circuit board contact and the Menu button. 
This stops access to the set's menu and impossible to reprogram .
However remember to keep one unmodified remote for staff so they can programme a set if need be.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 10 
Satpam Dede at the KHO
Home Security is often a problem in Indonesia. Robbers are just as prevalent here as in the west. Many wealthy Indonesian and expats hire a Satpam or security guard to look after their house and screen visitors. The term Satpam stands for Satuan Petugas Keamanan, roughly translated as Association of Security Officers. Satpam's are trained by foundations connected to one of the Indonesian military forces. Satpam are licensed by the local government.  Some people have the house guarded 24 hours, other just at night. A single Satpam will cost you around A$133 per month. A cheaper alternative is to hire a Jaga or watchman, his basic duty is to watch your house. This includes ensuring the safety of the house, contents and the residents. They also open the gate for your car when you leave and arrive and greet people coming to your gate. 
Various people may come to your gate, trying to sell you something or requesting a donation, legitimate or otherwise. Your jaga should screen these solicitors and, following your policy, either turn them away or make you aware of their presence.
Many Balinese families rely on a dog for security. The KHO is in a compound and more secure than a house on the street. However we have our own street dog Tinny who dutifully barks and terrorizes any unknown visitors.
Tinny guards the KHO
The KHO is fitted with iron bars on all the glass windows, doors and air vents. The high-risk door at the back features apart from the normal lock, a padlock as well as a tension lock and double top and bottom locking pins. Outside is a Infra-red operated security alarm.
Iron barred windows & doors
Front door lock
Double locking pins
KHO Office door
Tension Lock
Infa-Red Burglar Alarm
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 11 
This month we present the second half of our special.
A Bali Primer
Walter Spies
Bali's most influential visitor was the Russian-born Walter Spies, son of a German diplomat. Born in 1895, he arrived in Java at the age of 28 and lived in the Sultan's palace in Jogjakarta for a year, where he directed a European orchestra. He had seen Gregor Krause's book, Bali 1912 and visited Bali in 1925.
Walter Spies 1930
He was interested in every aspect of Balinese life and culture. The rich and famous, as well as novelists, anthropologists and musicologists, all beat a trail to his door.
Charlie Chaplin, Noël Coward, ethno- musicologist, Colin McPhee his wife, Jane Belo and novelist, Vicki Baum, to name but a few. 
Margaret Mead and her third husband, Gregory Bateson, spent their honeymoon there. 
The most flamboyant of Spies' visitors was the Woolworth's 
heiress and film star, Barbara Hutton, who fell madly in love with him. She dragged him off to Cambodia to look at Angkor Wat. She paid him 
money for some paintings and with it he built her a bungalow and pool next to his, but by the time he'd finished she'd moved to Persia. 
Noël Coward
Noël Coward visited Bali in the 30's, the following photographs were taken by  him. During his visit Coward wrote the poem below to Charlie Chaplin, in 
the visitors book of the Bali Hotel.
"It appears each Balinese native
From the womb to the tomb is creative
Although the results are quite clever
There is too much artistic endeavour!"
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 12 
In 1938 a new airport was build in Bali on the present site, 
it became an overnight stop for K.N.I.L.M flights to Australia.
Pre-war tourists nearly always came by sea, landing at Buleleng on the north coast, or Padang Bai in the south east. 
It wasn't until the 1930's that the ferry service between Banyuwangi and Gilimanuk was started up by two enterprising Germans, and a road was built connecting Gilimanuk to Denpasar.
Air travel became possible in the 1938, but it was very risky. The first survey flight made by the Royal Netherlands Indies Airways crashed into Mount Batukau, and the first airport, built in Bukit, was too dangerous for landing.
An Anglo- American romantic, Miss Manx, (eventually to become famous as Surabaya Sue, a radio 
propagandist for the for the Indonesian Revolution, and then as K'tut Tantri, author of a highly imaginative 
Miss Manx
autobiography Revolt in Paradise) joined with an American named Robert Koke in opening the first small beach hotel at Kuta. She soon parted with Mr 
Koke and built a much more exotic hotel of her own nearby. Much to the discomfort of Koke, she made it her practice to visit the Bali Hotel and lure away their clients with stories of her sea-side paradise.
Robert Koke
Robert Koke (US) visited Bali in the 1936 where he set up the Kuta Beach Hotel, later with wife Louise.
Having surfed in Hawaii, Koke recognised the value of Bali's surf and was probably Indonesia's first surfer,  on a ''Big Honolulu 
Board" - one of two Hawaiian redwoods imported in 1938. His enthusiasm for the sport encouraged others, including his wife, Balinese employees and hotel guests. Wife Louise wrote a book about their time im Bali 1936-41 titled  "Our Hotel in Bali".
A black cloud was already looming upon the horizon. War in the Pacific was gaining tempo. On Feb. 18th, 1942, a small force of Japanese soldiers landed at Sanur and defeated Dutch garrison. The victorious Japanese ruled Bali for three years, in accordance with the already established Dutch system. They did not actively intervene in Balinese affairs, but the effects of their compulsory requisition of rice and foodstuff were far-reaching and by the time the war ended the Balinese were suffering from both famine and epidemic.
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 13 
During the Japanese occupation, which fostered a repressive atmosphere ripe for rebellion, a charismatic young military officer, 
Gusti Ngurah Rai, began to gather together a Balinese "Freedom Army". He took the remnants of the military forces, combined them with new recruits and volunteers 
Ngurah Rai
began training them in soldiery and tactics. His motto, "merdeka atau mati", freedom or death , was to ironically seal his fate as both hero and martyr of the independence movement. The bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulted in the capitulation of the Japanese High Command, and on August 17, 1945, Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta declared 
Indonesia to be an independent nation. Now celebrated annually in Indonesia as Independence Day.
Soekarno & Hatta declaring Independence
The remaining Japanese in Bali withdrew, and the local Balinese leaders moved quickly to occupy the provincial offices and residences.
Balinese Wiped Out
The Dutch, however, were not yet willing to relinquish their pre-war powers. They arrived back in force and proceeded to make arrests, attempting to re-establish the colonial administration, meeting with unexpected resistance from Ngurah Rai and his followers. After a series of clashes in Tabanan, Raiís platoon set out on a long march to Gunung Agung, seeking to draw attention away from a landing on Jembrana Bay of Republican troops from Java. 
The ploy was discovered by the Dutch, who attacked and annihilated the Balinese force at Marga on Nov. 18, 1946 with the aid of a B-25 bomber. 
The Dutch far outnumbered the Balinese, many of whom were armed only with sharpened bamboo poles. The engagement was a shattering defeat for the Balinese resistance movement, killing many of its original guerilla leaders, though it was an immense psychological boon to the independence struggle. The aristocratic leader of this futile last stand was 29-year-old Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai. His name is now commemorated on street signs all 
over the island and Baliís main international airport (Ngurah Rai Airport) is named in his honour. 
Candi Margarana Marga 15 km from Tabanan
The memorial stones of 1,372 men and women, Muslims, Hindus and Christians who died on Bali fighting Netherlands forces lie in a cemetery here, including 11 Japanese soldiers who defected to the Indonesian side. Christian tombstones bear the cross, Muslims the half moon, Balinese the swastika. The monument is inscribed with the text of a famous letter Gusti Ngurah Rai wrote to a Dutch officer, pledging to give his life for the revolution. 
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 Kerobokan Home Office News
Page 14 
Landing by Dutch troops at Sanur beach, Bali, March 1946.
Provisional Presidential guards
Raising the Indonesian flag at Semarang, 1949.
In 1946 the Dutch constituted Bali one of the 13 administrative districts of the Republic of East Indonesia, a rival state to the revolutionary republic beaded by Sukarno and Hatta. Continued rebellion in Java, however, finally induced The Hague to concede Indonesian independence. Bali became part of the Republic of the United States of Indonesia on Dec. 29, 1949. In 1956 Bali renounced the Dutch union and became a province within the Republic of Indonesia.
The Dutch finally signed their defeat at this table, preserved still in the Kraton Yogyakarta.
Proklamasi: Sukarno at the microphone on Aug 17, 1945
Transition from colonialism to independence was not easy, by 1956 the whole of Indonesia, led by the charismatic President Sukarno, was undergoing a tumultuous, difficult period. 
Early 100 Rupiah note
Japanese stamp over stamped with Republik Indonesia by the new Soekarno/Hatta government.
Bali Mountain Erupts
Economic conditions had seriously deteriorated and the Communist party was growing in power. Rice was in short supply, and inflation was rife. In 1962 an extremely bad omen augured further disaster. Plagues of rats infested the islands' fields and granaries. In early 1963, as the people of Bali began to prepare for the celebration of Eka Dasa Rudra , the most sacred of all Balinese temple festivals, signs were still particularly ominous, and the priests and elders were gravely concerned.  On February 18th, 1963, Besakih temple was being readied f or an influx of devotees and official guests when Mt. Agung suddenly began to spurt ash and smoke, and earthquakes shook the island. On March 12th, in the midst of ceremonies at Besakih, the volcano, for centuries dormant, began spewing mud and rock  F
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Mt Agung Volcano - Bali
and by the end of the week great rivers of molten lava were flowing down the mountainside. Smoke and volcanic ash darkened the island under a grey cloud. The Besakih temple complex miraculously escaped the main line of destruction, although many of the thatched shrines were burnt, and the entire complex was buried in deep layers of ash. Many died, and for months famine prevailed over wide areas. Entire villages were wiped out, and thousands of hectares of farmland ruined
Site of the Eka Dasa Rudra ceremony
The worst was not yet over. The island was in the throes of recovery in late 1965 when the Communist Party staged an abortive coup 
d'etat in Jakarta, and reprisals began all over Indonesia as the Nationalists set out to extinguish all traces of communism. Bali was the scene of incredible violence, and thousands of people were killed. The terrible events of the early and middle 60's are rather forgotten by the Balinese, who prefer not to dwell on the past. Bali's resilient culture has so far survived colonialism, natural and political disaster, and there is no reason to think it will not, continue to flourish in the future. The Balinese welcome visitors and they welcome tourism, both as a means of increasing prosperity and of promoting understanding of their heritage. 
Kuta Beach Bali today
They feel that they can embrace modernity without jeopardizing their traditions. The bonds of religion, family ties and community life provide a sound base with
which to meet the  challenges that the future will bring. 
Balinese Ceremony
Cekak Dance
Perhaps the example of Bali's harmonious society can still serve to contribute something of value to the outside world. 
So come and visit us in Bali and enjoy all it has to offer - we're sure like many people you will want to return again and again.
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