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Independent review
by John Symons, frequent Warung Sobat diner.
Warung Sobat is a small Café on Jalan Batu Belig, only a few minutes walk from Grand Balisani Suites, or a few minutes more along the beach from Bali Intan Hotel.  (see map on home page) This is not of course, a 5 star restaurant, it is just a simple café-restaurant, but you will not find food as good for twice the price elsewhere in Bali. The Warung (café) is run by Made (Mar-day) and his wife Cadek (Car-deck). Pak Made graduated as a chef in an Italian Restaurant. The restaurant has a Balinese family atmosphere you will not find elsewhere. The food is excellent and unbelievably reasonable. The menu features European, Balinese, Indonesian & Chinese cuisine. The seafood is excellent from calamari, tuna, snapper, king and tiger prawns, to the best lobster. For non-seafood lovers there is Balinese banana leaf roasted duck, Indonesian fried chicken, pasta, nasi goreng, 
John Symons
mie goreng, sate and cap-cai.. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day except Saturdays and Balinese holidays. Local and imported wines and spirits available at reasonable prices. Main courses start from Rp 8,000. Special dishes like the Balinese village feast, Ayam or Bebek Betutu  must be ordered 1 day in advance. Try once and you will never  want to eat elsewhere. I thoroughly recommend Warung Sobat. 
What others say
With thanks to Bali Travel Forum -
Posted by ANN:
Dear John,
some time ago on the (Bali Travel ) forum you recommended Warung Sobat, and We went their in March towards the end of our holiday, I must say it is every thing you said it was, the food has to be the best we had in Bali and what a lovely family they are. We were staying in Kuta at that time so we caught a Cab there it was only $4,  I wish wed had the chance to go back, but we going Back to Bali Sept 1--19 so we will defiantly be going back their for quite a few  Meals - got to taste the duck next time. Give Pak made and his family our best wishes and tell them we will see them in Sept all you forumities out their you must give this place a try its the best kept secret in Bali.
Cheers Ann and Lionel
Posted by FIONA:
We found the best eating place in Bali!, I just can't believe I forgot it. It's the Warung Sobat, & it's literally in the middle of nowhere. It's on Jalan Batu Belig, about 10 minutes from Seminyak. If you're driver doesn't know where it is tell him the (Grand) Bali Sani Suites Hotel. It's about 100 metres away from the beach. Don't panic when you think you're totally lost, you really have to go a long way to find it. I can personally recommend the garlic bread, chicken curry, all their fruit juices, their nasi campur (I always want to spell that with a 'h' as well, like you say it), nasi goreng - simply the best I have ever eaten!, their seafood was not overcooked, always a surprise! and last but certainly not least, the banana pancakes were wonderful. The warung is simple and certainly not flash looking, but believe me it was simply wonderful food. We met Pak Made and promised him that we'd give him a big big praise. It was so, so, so cheap, that it wasn't funny, for four of us, with lots of drinks it wasn't much over Rp100,000 (less than $20 AUD or $14US) - dirt cheap really. Oh & if you go at night, there's a tame gecko they feed egg white on a stick to, a great photo opportunity! Oh, and for those of you who're concerned, their toilets are squat, and spotlessly clean and tidy at all times, we were really impressed. Happy eating!
Tried the duck at Warung Sobat. Rp40,000 each (less than $8 AUD or $5 US) cooked to perfection. Included desert as well. Couldn't eat a thing more. The very cold Hatten AGA white also helped (& also priced good at Rp 60,000 (less than $12 AUD or $7.50 US)). Even met the man himself - John turned up to eat a meal so I can at least prove he practices what he preaches in eating at the place - G'day John & friends.
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